10 Very best Electric Vehicles to Buy in 2017 (Technical Specifications and Prime Rates Compared)

ten Best Electric Cars to Purchase in 2017 (Technical Specs and Leading Costs Compared)

Electrical cars – we have heard a great deal about them recently. This type of transport would seem to be much more well-liked amid customers than automobiles that use other different types of fuel.

Recent alterations on the worldwide automotive market place have proved that individuals appear to be warming up to electrical autos, so we made a decision to make a best ten checklist of vehicles that you can choose from, compare their pricing and technical qualities.

Here are the vehicles that had been featured in this video:

– Tesla Model S P100D: www.tesla.com/nl_NL/site/new-tesla-model-s-now-quickest-production-auto-planet

– KIA Soul EV: www.kia.com/us/en/vehicle/soul-ev/2016

– Fiat 500e: www.fiatusa.com/en/500e/

– Chevrolet Spark EV: www.chevrolet.com/spark-fuel-effective-vehicle.html

– Renault Zoe: www.renault.co.united kingdom/autos/new-automobiles/zoe-250.html

– BMW i3: www.bmw.com/com/en/newvehicles/i/overview.html

– Volkswagen E-Up: www.volkswagen.co.united kingdom/new/up-pa/which-model-compare/information/2800

– Sensible Fortwo Electric: www.smartusa.com/versions/electrical-coupe

– Chevrolet Bolt EV: www.chevrolet.com/bolt-ev-electric-car.html

– Mitsubishi i-MiEV: www.mitsubishicars.com/imiev

– Nissan Leaf: www.nissanusa.com/electric-vehicles/leaf/.

– Opel Ampera-e: media.opel.com/media/intl/en/opel/automobiles/ampera-e/2017.detail.html/content/Pages/news/intl/en/2016/opel/09-29-paris-motor-demonstrate-2016-summary.html

– Ford Emphasis Electric: www.ford.com/vehicles/focus/2017/models/focus-electric/

– Hyundai Ioniq: www.hyundaiusa.com/ioniq/

– Mercedes-Benz B250e Electrical Drive: www.mbusa.com/mercedes/automobiles/model/class-B/model-B250E

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182 thoughts on “10 Very best Electric Vehicles to Buy in 2017 (Technical Specifications and Prime Rates Compared)

  1. Nice reviews. –
    A note on DC Fast Charging on the SOUL EV is ok but drops from 44 kW to 4 kW at 81%. So getting a 100% Charge is hard.
    -On a LEAF the battery pack has not cooling so it’s the only EV that loses capacity forever in the HEAT.
    -The SPARK EV is a best buy but Chevy stopped making them when the Bolt came out.
    Many locations in the USA can’t get service for the FIAT 500e and we can’t get the ZOE at all. Being available is very important along with service.

    KEEP UP the GOOD work.

  2. Why are the other companies making such UGLY looking electric cars? If you want people to buy them, make them look good. Oil companies must be paying off some of these designers to create ugliness.

  3. Lovely cars. The Bolt/Ampera distanced themselves from the competition. The standard is now 60kWh batteries.
    Thanks for the video.

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  5. in my opinion I won’t but an electric car unless it can go 200 miles or more per charge I want a car I could drive 1 hour to work 1 hour back and drive a bit more after work

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  7. I know that there are 15 cars in this video. But it was very challenging to pick the best 10 vehicles. Please let me know which ones you like the most and or your suggestions to this list.

  8. Zoe and all other EV makers need to step it up and give 200+ miles REAL range.
    Nissan Leaf was once a leader in EV technology but it is now falling behind.
    Soon a 200+ mile REAL range will be the minimum acceptable range for new EV’s.
    The GM Bolt with a 238 mile range is the start of auto makers other than Tesla providing long range EV’s
    The Tesla 100D Model S has a range of 335 miles. The future is electric. No emissions.
    It is time for Zoe, Leaf, BMW I3, VW e-golf, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Soul, Ford Focus, Fiat 500E and others to step it up.
    Nissan needs to bring out its updated Leaf very soon.
    People need to let the auto makers know that they want longer REAL range in EV’s.

  9. Odd video…

    You start with the Tesla as you should, but also start on a negative note by showing the most expensive model available. Are you trying to put a positive or negative spin on EVs?

    I drove a Leaf for 3 years. Using the battery to heat the interior has a huge impact on range. If I used the heater VERY conservatively, the range of my Leaf was about 40 miles per charge when the outside temperature got below -10 degree F. The effect that the heater has on range is never mentioned in these EV videos.

    The Chev Bolt has caught my attention. I don’t know if I will be able to justify a Tesla model S, so my next vehicle purchase will likely be a Bolt.

    You mention that the Ford Focus has a top end speed limit of 85 MPH and a range of 80 miles. Alarms should be off in everyone’s head with those numbers. First, 85 MPH is not "a bit of a downside". There are very few roads in the US with a speed limit of 85 MPH. The "bit of a downside" is the range of 80 miles. That is worse than the Leaf I drove for 3 years. Cars with this range won’t survive long term. Nissan is waiting for their current stock of Leafs to be sold before they make their new 200+ miles per charge Leaf available. It took a while, but Nissan finally figured out what is wanted, and needed to be successful. Tesla and Chevrolet has figured out that the range needs to be 200 or more per charge.

    You seem to be reading sales brochures when reviewing EV’s. Have you owned an EV (not a hybrid)? If so, add your personal opinions. It would make a video like this much more useful. I suspect that you are just making Youtube videos.

    One last note. The method of charging was briefly mentioned in your video, but a valuable, informational video would include real world experience with charging. 120 volt trickle chargers (level 1) are included with some (all?) of the EV’s when you buy one. If you have the luxury of being able to plug in while at work, then you might be able to get by with plugging in to 120 volts during the day while at work and at home during the rest of the day. To make an EV practical, you really need to have 240 volt charging (level 2) available at home. It would have been great to have 240 volt charging at work, but I didn’t even have the ability to plug in to 120 volts. The 460 volt quick chargers (level 3) are very useful, but the cost to use one varies greatly and it seems like time stands still while you are waiting 20 to 25 minutes for the charge to get to 80%. In some cases my charge wasn’t near zero when when I utilized a level 3 charger so I didn’t have to wait as long.

  10. You could eliminate most of them for being compliance vehicles and NOT cars. Cars go over 200 miles on a charge. Glorified golf carts go @100 miles.

  11. Come on VW. It is time to go all electric with more than a half hearted "compliance" vehicle.
    Nissan Leaf was once a leader in EV technology but it is now falling behind.
    Soon a 200+ mile REAL range will be the minimum acceptable range for new EV’s.
    The Bolt is the start of auto makers other than Tesla providing long range EV’s
    The Tesla 100D Model S has a range of 335 miles. The future is electric. No emissions.
    It is time for Zoe, Leaf, BMW I3, VW e-golf, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Soul, Ford Focus and others to step it up.
    Tesla is leading the way forward with all electric drive. Other auto makers are following grudgingly.
    All electric vehicles are the future. No emissions.
    The Tesla Model S 100D has aa 335 mile real range. 300 miles is a game changer.

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    Partiendo de

  14. "Tesla Motors is spending millions on EV technologies???" TESLA IS EV TECHNOLOGIES YOU IDIOT…All the rest a just sad corporate monkeys trying to catch up!!!

  15. @Theaterwiz : They are all in a museum for rail cars and trains. It’s was an old train stop converted to a railway museum. A playground for all the train collectors who grew out of their "toy" train sets. http://www.oerm.org/

  16. Great video. Thank you for the information. I am choosing Bolt EV for now as it can go above 200 miles. Still saving up money until my current 10 years old car die. Hopefully, by then, more options to choose from, and better price and technology.

  17. To encourage Public to use EV, Government must play an important role, because they make the rule, Cheaper the EV by giving subsidies and High TAX on Gasoline Car , Place more charging station at low cost

  18. entrancing color, lighting, processing, perspective from fish-eye point of view… very much like it’s counterpart from the driver’s point of view, also

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  19. This video is pure bogus. There are three Evs that are relevant… The others are low volume attempts to jump on the ev band wagon. Yes tesla is the ev for ultra rich. Nissan Leaf is the highest selling in the world. Chevy bolt has not been released in the us yet, and neither has the tesla 3.. All other eve are BS ….. Don’t. Even consider them… Who made this video anywAy….. They can’t even pronounce in English.

  20. How could you miss the Chevy Volt? Last year Tesla S was sold the most EV cars in the US, Chevy Volt second and Tesla X third, the market has spoken! 53 miles EV range, generator running at 42 mpg with a total range of 420+ miles. No range anxiety, just fill up the 8.9 gal fuel tank and go another 373 miles.

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