2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Whats New? Evaluation And Test Drive

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Whats New? Overview And Test Drive

The all new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid in a evaluation and test drive, the Fusion hybrid is a severe contender in the midsize sedan hybrid market place with its sophisticated styling and industry foremost technology. Thank you for stopping by!

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2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium
Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford Fusion hybrid Titanium

2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Specs:

MPG Ratings: 44 (City) 42 (Common) 41 (Highway)

Combined Horsepower: 188

Trunk Cargo Space: 12 Cubic Feet

Obtainable Colors:

– Shadow Black
– Platinum White
– Bronze Fire Metallic
– Magnetic
– Ingot Silver Metallic
– Ruby Red
– Guard

Discontinued Colors:

– Tuxedo Black
– Sunset


37 thoughts on “2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid – Whats New? Evaluation And Test Drive

  1. Wonderful vehicle. Would love to teach Ford Motor Company how to make the vehicle doors communicate with so many of my most wonderful simple and effective applications that provide so much more customer confidence in added safety that works all the time. It is time Ford Motor Company became a student of mine to teach them what they do not know, that the consumer demands after they see it. It is called a "safer vehicle". My comments are directed to all vehicle manufacturers.
    Any CEO of any vehicle manufacturer can contact me directly to schedule an appointment. They will find it highly profitable.

  2. This review was a waste because it omits the only most important information on how much it does on battery only before the engine kicks in etc.. Not to mention the 1 word / min speed 🙂

  3. Its a great Car! Anytime running Low on battery poer? Just stop in at the Home Depot and buy 20 Packages of 10 AA Batteries for it and pour them into the Gas Tank! 😉

  4. I was looking for an additonal Drive test and a Non Biased Opinion about the car and any Insight on Maintenance over say 25-50,000 miles ? Also Note, Most dealers I found having a Used one? takes Months for them to sell it and they discount it dramatically..So, unless in a City, expect to get Below Wholesale at the best for buying and Selling your Hybrid.. and with some added emblems? it could past for a Lincoln MKS..

  5. My 2015 1.5 SE is on the verge of lemon law… So am trying to get ideas of what I would trade it for… Pretty much down to three choices, Fusion SE AWD, SE Hybrid, or swap out entirely and go Subaru legacy. (My previous 2010 fusion was a ford repurchase, that I bought) I LOVE the size of the fusion, and the way it drives… I just can’t be spending a month or more out of my car at a time due to an intermittent issue… Though my dealer has Enterprise built into their service department, and my last two rentals were great… (2015 Mustang Convertible, and 2016 Lincoln MKX ..[They were out of fords that day]… I hope if it gets to buyback, that they are willing to give me a slight upgrade…

  6. I wish ford would bring back the Bordeaux color that was introduced in 2011. I currently own a 2011 Ford Fusion with the color Bordeaux. My next color on a Fusion would be blue.

  7. Surpised your Employer, ( Ford Dealer) didn’t ask you to drive a hybrid to set the example for Saving Gas and Oil Imports that normal Families support

  8. But thwy do they Loose their Value so Fasts? Too Many On the Road thru Rental Co’s? I see the 14′ selling for (-50%) less than the 16’s.. & Used 15’s? Selling for -25% Less..

  9. I have ordered exactly this (titanium x-pack with adaptive LED) car in Magnetic grey as my company car, without a test drive. It’s marketed as Ford Mondeo in Europe. I have ordered it without a test drive as it was really hard to find oneI had similar car for a test drive a week ago, and I can confirm – I is awesome.I allows you to drive 2-3 miles on battery only before ICE kicks in, with max speed on battery at 85 mph.
    Without much of effort I made 46 mpg. And I drive short distances, and often with cold engine.
    I think this car is epic. Especially for the price!
    And, well, my personal car should arrive next week!!! 🙂

  10. Brother just bought this and I get to take it on a 14 hour road trip tomorrow night. Looking forward to experiencing it!

  11. Is the regenerative braking and stuff enough to keep the battery charged or do you need to recharge it at home by plugging it in or something? What is the actual fuel efficiency? They say it’s around 40 but that seems really high.

  12. That voice command is silly. Why go through all that trouble to turn on your a/c, having to listen to that loud mouth woman who sounds ugly when you could just peacefully turn a knob in less than half the time?

  13. Its about time Ford put buttons back on the radio stack. Over a year and a half ago when i was car shopping i noticed the touch display for the radio and could see the inconvenience using it while stationary. I knew driving it would pose a problem for many drivers. I cant believe Ford signed off on that because,  they already were hurting from poor quality MYSYNC 1. And MYSYNCH 2 was not much better. My Garmin that i bought in 2008 is quicker and less irritating than my 2014 MYSYNC in my car.

  14. So what do you do if the battery dies in the car? In fusions that need an actual key to start, you can use that to unlock the car by prying off the guard on the door handle. But without a physical key, how would you get in if the battery dies?

  15. Actually Using the myDord touch for Contorols was too expensive for Lower Cost Fusions and Only appropriate for Its Lincolns and Tarus models was it not?

  16. Not a bad review, but all the circling made me motion sickness. Maybe do more stationary setup and put in the effort for editing. That extra bit will make your videos way better 🙂

  17. If I were to ever go back to a Sedan it would be the Fusion or the MKZ.  I currently own an Edge.  I rented a Fusion before and I was really surprised how much trunk space it had.  It was very comfortable to to sit in and to drive.

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