2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Assessment – HybridCars.com Assessment

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Evaluation – HybridCars.com Assessment

Honda’s 2017 Accord Hybrid may be the most powerful midsized fuel-sipping sedan going.

Primarily based about an uncommon full hybrid powertrain with no actual transmission – but a virtual constantly variable tranny as an alternative – its 48 mpg combined rating is quite close to Toyota Prius territory in a handsomely styled, spacious, and significantly-far more strong package.

Oddly, the Accord Hybrid was launched in 2015 with greater EPA mpg than any competitor only to see Honda withdraw it from contention in 2016, revise it to make it even greater, and re-release it in current 2017 type. It was primarily based on the limited-marketplace and now also discontinued 2014 Accord Plug-in Hybrid, and shared its superbly effective powertrain albeit with smaller sized battery.

Honda has also experimented with a lease-only Fit EV which also was withdrawn, and as the automaker feels its way into the electrified automobile space, maybe there is rhyme and cause to its approaches, as the Accord Hybrid does face a closely matched class.

The midsized sedan segment is in fact the most aggressive among the 3 dozen hybrid makes and versions sold in the U.S. Hybrid models that consumers might also take into account incorporate the newly up to date Kia Optima and Hyundai Sonata, ideal-promoting Ford Fusion, 46-mpg new Chevy Malibu primarily based on the Volt’s powertrain, and Toyota Camry. The Camry is due for a styling and efficiency refresh in 2018 to catch it up from its now-in-use 2012-spec powertrain in refreshed 2015 physique, and need to turn into a potent contender, but for now, the Accord is very robust.


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11 thoughts on “2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Assessment – HybridCars.com Assessment

  1. Just purchased this car in Monday! I love it, I drive about 112 miles a day to and from work. Getting about 48 mpg! Great ride

  2. You can make some really interesting comparisons with the Accord Hybrid. In addition to the mileage comparison to the Prius, you can also make legitimate comparisons to two other Toyota models. Although it’s in the midsize class, it’s significantly larger than the Camry, but only an inch or so shorter than the Avalon. The fully loaded Touring model is several thousand dollars less than the Avalon Limited Hybrid, and a little less than the lower-end Avalon XLE. Since I don’t anticipate having more than just me or my wife, I might save a lot of cash going for the Honda Accord over the Toyota Avalon to replace my 2007 Camry LE. But then, there’s that voice whispering in my ear: "Toyota reliability." The question for me will be if I can’t afford the Avalon, do I go for the Accord or the Camry Hybrid? The Honda "bang for the buck" is compelling, and it’s not like Honda is a Yugo in terms of reliability, either.

  3. My only complaint with this car so far is the analog heated seat switches. People forget to turn them off and turning off the car doesn’t disable them for your next startup. I was driving around for a couple weeks with my backseat heaters needlessly on.

  4. Car with no transmission. It worse a million $ . Regardless of the gas consumption. The only other car with no transmission is a Swedish super car called koiseng that cost 2 millions.
    I have the touring for 2 year, I do a lot of driving now I have more than 59000 miles, I consistently get above EPA 50-60 mpg except in the winter I get 44-47 mpg, I use the back roads because it is a short cut, in 1 year I saved closed to 4000$ compared to a gas guzzler . So I recovered the price difference in a very nice comfortable sporty ride. I don’t care about what CR say I am the consumer in action.
    One time on 24. Mile city drive I got 74mpg, sometimes I can not believe it.
    I do not do hypermiling , you have to reve the engine to some extent or drive normal and the car do the job
    Watch my video at you tube’honda accord hybrid mpg physics’

  5. the digital display on this accord looks pretty good to me. not sure y they chose such a dull, outdated looking design for the new crv & odyssey. it seems to be spreading throughout the line-up like a virus. if there were no other options, through Honda or aftermarket, I really wouldn’t buy the new crv, simply because of the instrument cluster…just not something I’d wanna deal long term. one of the key benefits of a digital display is customization, which those two vehicles lack. Honda really failed in that area this model year, .

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