2017 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive Overview: A Fuel Sipping 49 MPG Sedan

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Initial Drive Review: A Fuel Sipping 49 MPG Sedan

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) On this episode of The Quickly Lane Now, We go in-depth on the all new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid and drive it on the streets of California.

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24 thoughts on “2017 Honda Accord Hybrid First Drive Overview: A Fuel Sipping 49 MPG Sedan

  1. Wow now I know why nobody describes how the Honda Hybrid powertrain works. That Honda guy was clueless on how it actually worked!

  2. Ugly pedestrian-safe front end, glossy plastic interior, fake wood, designed by americans for americans. If you cared about trunk space it would have nicer hinges that don’t protrude into the trunk. Into the trash it goes.

  3. How the transmission works is so simple: at low speeds the engine generates power which is then transferred electrically to the wheels. at the appropriate high speeds the engine drives the wheels directly. Whats so hard to understand? While functionally its similar to a CVT, it’s not a CVT because nothing is being continuously varied.

  4. I own a 2014 Accord Hybrid and it is simply AWESOME! Seriously, if you haven’t driven one please keep your opinion to yourself 😉 If you think you know a better similar price hybrid sedan let me know. No, the Camry doesn’t compare in my mind….lots of plastic and less comfort.

  5. Surprised at the lack of detail in this review – your other reviews are usually far more informative. Hopefully, you’ll have a more in-depth examination of this very nice car.

  6. this genius had car in eco mode for sure, I had 2015 with  less hp  was 7,1 seconds, I’m sure this model would be quicker  in sport mode

  7. get a new guy to talk about cars…dose he even know what performance is? he is naturally boring and add a boring car that shouldn’t even exist makes me dislike TFL.

  8. The 0-60 is actually worse than the Toyota Camry Hybrid (which is usually clocked at 7.8-8 seconds according to unofficial websites) even though having higher horsepower … that transmission needs to go.

  9. what’s the point of a sport setting in a hybrid? who buys it for its sporty handling with standard lifeless steering. Prefer to see an urban low speed EV setting or EV traffic mode

  10. I want to know about this eCVT… He calls its direct drive many times? OK but how the hell does that keep the engine from stalling?

    There is a clutch ok, But if you have a Fixed ratio then what the hell this clutch does? SLIP all the time until the engine is at its optimum ratio? If its a direct drive then its mainly tuned for the electric motor no? That is usually like starting in 3-4th gear ratio in 1st since electric motors have lots of torque they can do this but not a freaking 2.0L 4cyl.

    So what the hell happens when he floors it from zero? The engine made a distinctive CVT sound but how?  I really hope Engineering Explained make a video about this.

  11. I wonder how many sales Honda is losing with that awful infotainment system that’s in their cars. When I’m shopping for new cars all the cars are so close things like the infotainment system that you interact with daily become a main point in making the purchase. Steering wheel controls are one thing, but they are only a few functions and do move while your driving and steering. My friends wife has a 2011 CRV and he has a 2016 CRV and he said he did not realize how much he would hate that system in the new CRV and how the 2011 is a 100x better to use functionality wise. Looks like this accord has the same no knobs/no buttons "angled up" touch screen that glares easily in bright days with laggy functions.

  12. 2:28 8:29 seconds. If I remember correctly, that’s EXACTLY what Roman got when he was testing the old Accord Hybrid.

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