2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Assessment and Road Test In 4K UHD!

2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Assessment and Road Check In 4K UHD!

Hyundai’s hybrid isn’t going to just beat the Prius in MPG, it is one particular of the handful of no-compromises hybrid autos in America. The minimal beginning price tag implies that the average compact vehicle shopper in America would break even in under two years even though enjoying a more substantial cargo location and (oddly enough) greater dealing with. That helps make the Ioniq not just my best hybrid vehicle select for 2017, but my top compact sedan choose as properly. I didn’t see that coming.

Whether or not you are looking at a Corolla or Elantra or a Prius or C-Max, you must drop by the Hyundai dealer and examine the Ioniq out.

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50 thoughts on “2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Assessment and Road Test In 4K UHD!

  1. That $2500 is gonna make a huge difference in terms of reliability in the long run. This is Hyundai’s first full-fledged hybrid, Toyota is a veteran in this department.

  2. Brilliant review. You provide extraordinary details and outstanding observations. You have got to be the best automotive reviewer on YouTube, without a single doubt.

  3. Well done review, although you foolishly multitask while driving and narrating, and you even look toward the camera while talking! This is a formula for disaster. A voice-over can always be laid in after you gather your action footage. Stop endangering yourself and others.

  4. Great hypermile car. Over the summer, the hybrid got over 90mpg and averaged over 70mpg. Very happy with monthly fill-ups ($300/yr)

  5. I like everything about the Ioniq except the steering shape looks odd. It is not completely round like every other vehicle I’ve seen. I would definitely have to test drive it first to feel its comfort level. Maybe it won’t be an issue.

  6. not everyone 6 feet tall’s head will be touching the ceiling. Just pointing out the obvious some people have longer legs than others.

  7. i wonder what putting on the biggest widest tires on this car possible with nice rims? tirerack says it can handle P225/40R18 tires with Enkei rims. will it kill the fuel economy?

  8. Very nice thorough review. I’ve had my Ioniq Hybrid Limited for about 6 weeks now, and still loving it. Being in Canada, there a few different features on each trim level and overall.

    Just out of curiosity, in your 0 to 60 test, did you have the car in Eco or Sport mode? I haven’t actually done a 0 to 60 test myself in my car, but I do notice a huge power difference when I switch it into Sport; the car literally becomes a different beast. I usually only use it when I need to cut into traffic or to accelerate from a stop up small hills. So I was just wondering what the 0 to 60 difference is between Sport and Eco mode, if you knew.

  9. Is there a particular reson why you reviewd the highest version of the Ioniq and the second lowest of the Prius?

  10. I totally agree with you Alex, I bought the SEL with the tech package and I am consistently beating the EPA scores and the this car has been great as a rideshare money maker. I love this little hybrid loaded with excellent features

  11. Thank you for this review and thank you for all your other auto reviews, Alex. So thorough!! You are the BEST! I’m shopping around for a hybrid or diesel, intending to purchase one next spring. The only vehicle I’v driven so far is the Kia Niro …. wasn’t satisfied with the feel or quality of the interior. Plus the Niro seemed noisy to me, or let’s say not as quiet as I would like. Maybe I’ll have to get a hybrid in a heavier vehicle. I saw an Ioniq, but have not driven one. The Hyundai dealership nearest to me gets an Ioniq only when a customer orders one. QUESTION – My actual question is about interior noise. You say in this review that in order to keep the Ioniq light for better mileage (and perhaps to keep the price down) sound deadening material is skimpy. What about the windshield? Does the Ioniq offer the windshield that allows less wind noise into the cabin? And, is there anything a person purchasing an Ioniq could do to deaden road noise. Years ago, people had the bottom of their cars sprayed to prevent rust and I guess to reduce noise. Is that an option? Also tires. Does the Ioniq come with tires that are geard to staying quiet? If I get an Ioniq, which tires should I try to get? Thank you again, Alex, for your research, testing, knowledge, and reviews. FYI- I did try to access patron.com. Didn’t work.

  12. no-compromise hybrid – sounds like an oxymoron. looking forward to full electrification, but great to see progress from a major car company, and great to see competition for Toyota.

  13. For those worried about reliability, Hyundai backs this car with a 10 year 100000 mile warranty, 60000 basic warranty, free 5 years roadside assistance and a lifetime hybrid battery warranty. Does the ugly little prius offer any of those things?

  14. The Elantra has a standard automatic transmission that won’t need any repairs in its lifetime, but the Ioniq uses a dual-clutch automatic, and those tend to need clutch replacements every 3 to 4 years, at a cost of around $1,000. So the fuel savings that the Ioniq has will be eaten up by clutch replacement costs. They should have used a regular automatic in the Ioniq. The Prius does not have any clutches that will need replacement, so the Prius might be a better buy if you want a cheap long-term hybrid.

  15. Alex, I have seen in the comments below how you addressed the dual clutch transmission question. Thank you! In addition, how long can the ioniq stay in ev mode before going back to gas ?

  16. The biggest problem here is the brand Hyundai and resale value of this ghetto brand. Driving a Hyundai is stating you are on a budget. So embarrassing. Me drive no Hyundai.

  17. I am disappointed at you for giving out false information. You said the Ioniq is only about $1500 more than the compact gas Elantra which is NOT true. I just logged into Hyndai USA website and the Elantra is priced at $ 16950 and the Ioniq is $22200. That is a difference of $5250. And you also said Prius is $2500 more than the Ioniq which is NOT correct either. Toyota usa website has the Prius at $23475 and that makes it only $1275 more than the Ioniq.

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