2017 Kia Optima Plug In Hybrid Evaluation and Road Test | Detailed in 4K UHD

2017 Kia Optima Plug In Hybrid Assessment and Street Check | Detailed in 4K UHD

Kia hasn’t been acknowledged for efficiency but which is all changing with a deluge of new hybrid and plug in hybrid designs above the subsequent number of many years. A single of individuals new designs is the 2017 Optima Plug In Hybrid with practically thirty miles of EV range and extraordinary mileage when working in hybrid model. It is not a Prius or Volt exactly, but it is a lot more comfortable than both of individuals alternatives.

-30 : 2.eight Seconds
-60 : 7.5 Seconds
one/4 Mile : 15.8 Sec @ 90 MPH
60- Braking : 124 Feet

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50 thoughts on “2017 Kia Optima Plug In Hybrid Evaluation and Road Test | Detailed in 4K UHD

  1. When I first found this channel, I only watched the reviews of cars that interested me. Now, though, I watch all the videos because they’re just that good.

  2. Hi Alex,
    Will the car be able to climb a slope from 5% at constant speed of 80kph?
    Does the car get 50km of autonomy at city speeds, whatever the inlcination? If not, what is the autonomy of city speed?
    Thanks for the information.

    Greetings from Portugal

  3. Alex, I’m curious about the reference to the DCT in the Optima hybrids. I presume this is a 2017 addition; there was no mention of this in your review of the essentially similar 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid?

  4. @Alex on Autos, It’s a conventional automatic not a DCT, only the 1.6 turbo and the diesels in Europe get a DCT. I own one (optima hybrid) and it’s a conventional 6 speed automatic. I’m surprised how the video mentions that the hybrids get a DCT. The Kia niro has a DCT however but its a different drivetrain on a different platform.

  5. 10/10 for seat comfort? Really…. for a 35k vehicle? Like 10/10 means "can’t be any better". 8 way seat. what.. less for passenger.. How much does BMW 330e cost there?

  6. Great Review…I almost want to go out and test an Optima non plug in hybrid since it has a DCT vs my TCH’s power split device.

  7. I was about to say "wow, this would be a fantastic family cruiser for my next road trip journey…." and then you show me the rear cargo space…that doesn’t work at all, too small for four suitcases.

  8. Alex I beleive Optima Hybrid as well as Sonata Hybrid use traditional 6 speed automatic; not DCT. The only different is the electric motor replacing the torque converter with a clutch plate?

  9. That infotainment UI is hideous. They should have filled that entire space with an edge to edge screen and made it more snazzy. The hybrid screens feel like an afterthought app they outsourced

  10. I always enjoy AA reviews, best online. However, I own a 2017 Audi e-tron and with regard to EPA, its 25 (sometimes 28) miles when fully charged, not 15. And after almost 4000 miles, combined hybrid is 60MPG however I do use the EV mode probably more than most would in normal, daily, commute driving. Needless to say, if you’re shopping Audi, its more about the brand and the best tech (virtual cockpit is the best of ALL dashboard systems), over cost of ownership. Great job as always, AA!

  11. Hi Alex. Great review but i have to point that the transmission hyundai and kia uses in their midsize optima/sonata hybrid is conventional 6 auto without torque converter the motor is placed instead of torque converter. In ioniq however its dct transmission.

  12. Alex, have you noticed the "sensitivity" of the Optima/Sonata PHEV twins of how much throttle & climate control conditions to kick the gas engine on in comparison to the Fusion Energi? One of the key factors is if one can ‘lock out’ the gas engine by switching to EV only modes on these PHEV to benefit the most of electric range. I know the Ford Energi cars can keep full EV mode even when floored unless you manually override the setting via steering or drive mode selector.

  13. I’m very interested in either the KIA or the Sonata Plug in. Since I drive a lot a night I was wondering in the LED make a big difference for the night vision on the Kia?

  14. I drive a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GTV6 and to reduce under-steer (because it’s FWD/front-engined and therefore nose-heavy) I put more PSI in the front tires to improve handling. Since the Optima Plug-in is more front-to-rear weight balanced due to the large battery in the back, would putting more PSI in the front have the same effect?

  15. Alex .. I love your channel and your in depth reviews.. What is your top pick on a non plug in hybrid full size sedan…. Thanks

  16. Great review Alex..
    …Now , after you drove Optima phev , would you get a Niro for a week of test drive ? To compare real mpg? Or will you get Ioniq first? ^_^
    Also , do you know if Kia planing on to bringing the station wagon/GT Optima PHEV to US?

  17. Optima Plug-In Hybrid vs. Kia Cadenza.  In Cadenza Premium trim, both are similarly priced.  I sat in a Cadenza in a showroom, and was astounded how quiet it was inside, even with the driver and front passenger windows rolled down, but I have not test-driven it so I haven’t heard it how loud it is.  Which do you think is actually quieter on the road?

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