2017 Toyota Prius Prime – Review and Road Check

2017 Toyota Prius Prime – Evaluation and Road Test

Prius Prime is the identify of the plug-in model of Toyota’s iconic hybrid, and it delivers a lot more than just extended electrical assortment and distinctive styling over its non-plug-in stablemate.

For the latest Prius Prime pricing and information:

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50 thoughts on “2017 Toyota Prius Prime – Review and Road Check

  1. I love the new Prius. Because the old Prius’ used to look absolutely awful.
    Now, it doesn’t look like a Prius anymore, it looks like your standard, everyday car.

  2. Your math is wrong dude…the tax incentive is not a whole check that u get in the mail. You get back the taxes that u would have to pay for the 4500.

  3. jesus christ 21.000$ for the prime version??
    here in Eu u cant get it for under 30.000€…
    i know i wanted it still do, but got the yaris hybrid instead for just 15.200€ fully loaded with 16 alloys.

  4. hahah I love the sarcasm in this video! I like the Prime, it looks good but fortunately for me I own a Tesla so theres that. Might buy this as a second car.

  5. Should I get a Chevy Bolt or Chevy Colorado. I know, very different. I like the utility and comfort of a Colorado, but I also like the futuristic Bolt. Help Plz now!

  6. So what Prius Prime differ than other Prius model other than the Back Stop light? Does it have a Sunroof or Moon Roof?

  7. Cool looking car but I don’t want a freaking interface and menu on a car. They always give trouble or freeze up and are inconvenient. I will stick to my 2000 Toyota Camry and the old cars.

  8. ok I’ll be honest I don’t like Toyotas they are ugly Af but who ever designed Prius prime should get a award for not making it ugly af and actually having some sense in designing but who ever designed the regular Prius should be kicked in the nuts for designing such a horrible looking car god I saw it in person it looks horrendous , Toyota do us all a favor and make the prime the only Prius

  9. Go Green!!! Brian Griffin rides a Prius. He’s my liberal eco friendly hero that has compassion for the environment. He believes in global warming is wrong. thanks to those fossil fuel driving pick up trucks in their fat tin can f150s.

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