2nd PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Go over Clean Power Plans, Coal Workers

2nd PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Talk about Clean Vitality Ideas, Coal Workers

The presidential candidates propose adjustments they would make to the vitality policy.

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50 thoughts on “2nd PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Go over Clean Power Plans, Coal Workers

  1. We’re not dependent on the middle east?  What planet does she live on?  Oh yeah, she’s separated from the average American worker.  I forgot.  She’s spewing the same crap democrats spew every four years.  There’s a reason their symbol is a jackass.

  2. Not a comment actually but a fundamental question. When will the Nigerian populace ever get to demand from our leaders the every things that matters while pushing heaven and earth to get into ASO Rock?

  3. Just shows the intelligence level of trump and is supporters, fucking clean coal. People actually think it’s possible to burn coal and still make it environmentally friendly.

  4. what a shme donald trump went bankropt again with taj majal casino ,what king of business man is this,and coal is a dirty mining deal and pollute the environment,he is disgusting and liar

  5. Both are liars, but both are FAR from stupid. It takes A TON of effort and work to thrive off of continuous nonstop supply of lies. These two are puppets working for REAL heavy hitters MOST of us Americans probably don’t know and/or never even heard of. Capitol Hill is all about themselves lining their pockets and NOT about us little people. Bottom line. Fuck em all.

  6. christina bardelli or however u spell your name u r the stupidest person 2 live u and your dumb self just said trump is winning u r not supposed to want that just cause he’s gonna build a wall . he is the worst person 2 tun for president sence mit Romney

  7. She’s lying. She WILL want her government to attack countries in the Middle East just to get their oil whereas Trump wouldn’t.

  8. One thing I noticed during this debate, is that when it comes to the real issues Hillary is actually afraid of Donald Trump. She is good only when she gets into the gutter to dig up OLD DIRT to smear her opponent’s reputation.

  9. He was better than last time, but no question, she won this without effort. All he could do was bitch about her and obama without offering any concrete plans.

  10. He is bad af in the debate. In the debate, you don’t try to roast the opponents e.e You need to stay "formal" but he seems rather emotional. That’s weak af. I’m not trying to support Hillary but I do understand that she has to fight back.

  11. Trump doesn’t give a fuck about climate change. I would like to strap his mouth to an exhaust pipe of a truck turn on the engine and see how long it takes for him to pass out.

  12. how can she say she’s going to stand behind coal miners when she has said she wants to shut down the coal industry? I know trump may not be perfect but he is better then her by a long shot

  13. Who gives a flying fuck about climate change? I dont care about it. I care about if our coal miners and workers are put back to work, if our steel says in our country, if we are running pipelines across the country, and we also need to frack the shit out of the U.S.

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