Are Electric Autos Currently being Suppressed?

Are Electrical Automobiles Becoming Suppressed?

We’re now finally seeing electric cars on our roads – but did you know they’ve existed for in excess of one hundred many years? Effectively, they did. So why didn’t they become common a whole lot earlier? Evidence suggests that electrical cars were suppressed by competitive industries over the course of the 20th century…


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Electrical Vehicle
Electrical Automobile
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50 thoughts on “Are Electric Autos Currently being Suppressed?

  1. By 2030, oil mining companies should start to replace their sites with solar or wind farms. EZ win win for environment and economy.

  2. perhaps electric cars will reduce automotive jobs by 2 or 4 because: they take half as many hands to make the engine, and they are so durable, that they can be refitted to last 500,000km easily, about double the durability, in fact the standard battery lasts that long without chinging on daily 100mile trips.

  3. Updating this doc, many countries have already decided to stop manufacturing IC engines altogether by 2030 or thereabouts. If that goes ahead EVs are here to stay, conspiracy or not.

  4. Yea I think big oil DEFINITELY suppressed the electric car…. I also think they kill people who have made breakthroughs in powering cars via water, and they will keep doing so until every drop of oil is gone…. Its a sad but true reality.

  5. I saw that movie documentary, "The Death of the Electric Car" and was completely outraged!! So, HELL YEA, THIS E-CAR TECH HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED AND FOR A VERY LONG TIME!

  6. Obviously the people controlling the electricity companies also controlled the oil companies, more profit in oil. Also the side product of refining oil is petrol, if you can sell the petrol as a fuel, you have a win-win situation and minimal waste product. The petrol powered automobile gained in popularity because of the range afforded by petrol tanks over the early battery technology. The same hurdles are being confronted now with range limitations of e-cars. Even though most people only travel like 20 miles to work on average, an affordable e-car is still less interesting because in a gas burner I can drive for 300-400 miles or more without any worries. With an E-Car I have to plan every journey carefully to ensure I can top up every 80 miles or so. But hey, batteries are getting more power dense, and it wont be long before the same ranges are available in an affordable E-Car.

  7. alot more than just carbon dioxide is released by petrol engines. These pollutants have a direct negetive effect on population health therefore with electric cars the government will spend less money on public health. So it is not only the Oil industry but also drug companies who will do everything they can to kill off the electric car .

  8. Of course, EVs have been actively suppressed, repeatedly over time. It’s no conspiracy theory, though. It’s a behaviour found right throughout the business world: protect your investment and source of profit by any and every means. Monopolise wherever possible. Avoid level competition and control innovation at all costs. Suppression of the EV a very good example of the myth of the "free market".

  9. I attended the Cal/EPA meeting where they rescinded the "zero emissions" and address it in WAR WE WANT over on cecil mills channel
    Ever heard of H202 ? No ? well…its cheap

  10. Great documentary, really enjoyed and very thought provoking in positive and negative ways. About 1:27 "A mysterious fire" yeah right hahaha, sabotage, fuckin’ bull shit. The thing is though, the way the materials in the batteries of electric cars these days are mined and then made is quite filthy, back in the 90’s I don’t want to imagine how awful it must have been for them to be made and they wouldn’t have lasted as long because battery technology has advanced quite a bit since then.

    And with plug in electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the only real problem really is the way the energy is created for those vehicles to be charged from the plug or the hydrogen made and stored, it’s not always from renewable sources so that needs sorting big time otherwise it’s not gonna be good enough. I’m all for electric vehicles, they’re amazing and I believe they are the future but they need refining now as quickly and efficient as possible to get their infrastructure up and then that ‘flash point’ will kick in and sky rocket them into mainstream, it’ll be wicked I can’t wait.

  11. yes. it is being suppressed. before the Tesla models and the Prius before it electric cars were made ugly on purpose so people wouldn’t buy them. now it is catching on with hybrid cars and fully electric ones. I like the Tesla models but it is way out of my price range. they need to make them more affordable and not so tiny, like the Leaf. hydrogen fuel cells is a step in a nice direction but not enough.

  12. lol gas cars will be a thing of the past in 10 years. Even with the rudimentary battery tech (laptop cells power the tesla) cars are getting 200 mile ranges think of what a little innovation in battery tech will do. Gas car is dead.

  13. I bought two used Chevy Volts. We buy almost no gas, as we seldom drive either one past it’s battery range. They’re great cars, and used ones coming off lease are a bargain.

  14. Are Electric Cars Being Suppressed?
    No they are being surpassed by electric vehicles 10 times more energy efficient than heavy big box electric cars.
    I am using one right now.

  15. Yeah there been suppressed. About how to make the battery pumps out more Green house gas than your car ever will. What about all the coal burned to charge the battery? You believe global warming your dumb it’s that simple

  16. everyone should be driving around in small electric cars under 500kg.
    this will stop Allah getting angry with our flashy Bmw’s and range rover sports and therefore stop terrorism.

  17. It’s all about batteries and power sources. When we stop depending on fossil fuels for electricity and can handle the additional demand, maybe we’ll have a battery that does not quickly wear itself out and create toxic landfills. Until then, it’s rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic—or hybrids, even perhaps with super-capacitors. There is no reason, however, to be biased toward the piston engine except in temporary pragmatism.

  18. The electric car has been primarily suppressed through a lack of charging points, every car park space should have one, and the lack of inductive power pickup on main roads, and motorways.

    To make the playing field level all petrol stations would have to be shut down: without them petrol cars would be unusable. Despite this electric cars are starting to be competitive: the general suppression of innovation is to blame.

    1. In the 1960’s Lotus and a consortium of French manufacturers worked together with our Ministry for Technology to produce technology for

    (a) Braking by storing the energy of forward movement in a flywheel.

    (b) Continuously variable gearing to allow a constant engine rev rate. (All engines have a sweet point for maximum efficiency.)

    (c) various other improvements, including the hybrid electric power technology used by Toyota.

    The Treasury insisted the technology be sold to Toyota because they were worried about a reduction in tax revenue from petrol. Toyota dare not use the technology until the patents held by Lotus and their French counterparts had run out, some 40 years. (This accounts for the failure of the UK motor car industry: they could not use technology to offset the cheap rates of the Far East.) (Discovered this from a letter to the Mail published recently from a participant who was naturally angry after only 40 years: the action destroyed the life prospects of all involved.)

    2. Opposed piston designs: it turns out the pollution problem with them was due the shape of the air volume of the air petrol mix explosion and the petrol injection distribution not matching. Once they matched pollution nearly disappeared. This design was known from the 1930’s, with a known petrol saving, through enhanced efficiency, of roughly a third. Only recently has progress been made. (Discovered this by accident)

    3. Please bear in mind this is what I have noticed as an individual not looking for such information. To have noticed 2 such incidents without investigating the problem hints at how large a problem it is.

  19. And what of the darker side of it / first up i think they are the way to go and i dont like diesels , Ice cars are top money maker for governments under the pollution laws the tax revenues from them runs in to the billions everything fron the appx 70% tax on fuel to VED
    and the emissions taxes/charges and then you have the spare parts/manufacturing

    But then we have the EV it does not need petrol/diesel ,it does not have emissions to tax
    so they get free VED [road tax [ free pass on congestion charges /free parking and no emissions charges /fines , but now we have a problem they are costing the government hard money ,

    One council at least has put £96 on top of what they charge for residents parking permits
    there will be more direct /indirect charges to come for the EV because of the government cuts to local government ,

    The price of electricity has gone up by 10% from Npower and a whopping 11% by scotish and southern ,coincidence ? and yet no one protested this for fear of upsetting the markets ,

    In america purchase tax is not a big deal at 5% but in the UK its a whopping 20% and is expected to rise to 25% in the future ,

    We still use coalfired power stations despite being fined millions by the EU for dirty air quality ,the new nuclear power plant is 20 years down the road and some coal fired plant has shut affecting supply the answer to this is smart meter roll out with a promise of cheaper bills but this is not the case smart meters in every propert just means when the shortages come they can then turn off power to the suburbs and divert it to industry and government ,and these cuts will come ,

    Take the trend of bigger charges, just 2000 EVs plugging into a 10kw charger = 20 mega watts times that by just 50,000 EVs and you got a problem in the UK ,

    The government have to subsidise everything EV from sales to chargers and because they are considered tech there are tax losses.
    Free charging from the likes of Ecotec has now gone and you have pay £6 at present but that will go up along with the price of electric , and when you get private enterprize putting charging points all over the place you know the prices will go up at the end of the day its a business and they are there to make money ,

    The government had 5 years to clean up the pollution from diesels and did not do it they told the public they were better because of the low Co2 so they promoted them knowing that Nox was the problem and when the EU started to fine the government they would just charge diesel drivers more fines /charges and taxes , Under the clean air laws a diesel truck is charged £200 everytime it enters an emission zone a van =£100 good for the government but bad for people living in a city because it just puts all of the goods and services up.

    So when the EV starts to become mainstream the free road tax will go along with the free congestion charging , and free parking some has already come true the rest will
    Everything comes at a price .

    plus there are other losses like emissions test that equipment will be redundant , sales of all of the service parts for ice and the service depts profits will take a hit ,mfgs of exhausts/cat converters/O2,Maff ect sensors engine components /clutches ect the list is a very long one will mean lost profits and redundantcies but as they say this is the price of progress !

    Answers on a postcard please because i have notifications turned off as this device runs on bare bones and has spybot anti beacon !

  20. I highly doubt it was supressed since you knwo what the oil companies coudl do instead? Sell their shit directly to eletric producers. Which would led bigger profits probably because of energy deficiency.

  21. My friend, a non smoker, went to visit her son working in Beijing, she was meant to stay a month, and after a few day’s she was in hospital with breathing problems, spent a few day’s in hospital and flew home .There are far worse cities for pollution than Beijing in China, petrol and coal has got to die and quickly.

  22. Why I hate electric or environmentally friendly car
    1. Look like shit
    2. Sound like shit
    3.are slow and dull AF
    4.make you look like a pussy

    It’s all about that Detroit muscle! But I make exceptions if it fast and loud then it’s good.


  24. The combustion engine suited the military industrial complex more than the electric motor because it was easy to transport fuel to remote areas to combat enemy troops. Petroleum meant you could go anywhere for an indefinite amount of time whereas at the turn of the century when the electric vehicle made its debut it was seen to be limited to having to be close to an electricity supply for recharging. Pity though, the world would be a much cleaner place and the advances by now, on electric motors and batteries, would be light years ahead.

  25. Sheesh! It’s *NOT* a conspiracy! It’s business. Companies whose business models make money by selling parts like radiators, mufflers, catalytic converters, transmissions, belts, hoses, air & oil filters, etc., don’t wan to see those sales go away. They certainly don’t want to invest in a technology that eliminates those sales. Their solution is to avoid making electric vehicles, and when forced into making them, they make crappy, limited range vehicles that satisfy the minimum requirements. Then, to ensure they don’t sell many of them, they make them ugly. There is no need for them to conspire about this, since they all have the same incentive!

    This is why it’s taken an industry outsider to spark real development of EVs: Tesla. They don’t have the financial incentive to limit or stop EVs, since EVs are their business. It’s taken them over ten years to get to the point where they’re almost ready to start producing large numbers of cars many people can afford. That’s because their R&D budget has been less than 10% of large automakers spend. So yes, the industry has suppressed EVs for quite at least a decade, but it’s not a conspiracy. It’s just plain old greed.

  26. The only thing that has changed since 1832 is the battery technology… the electric motors still work the same 🙄 if you want a car to travel further use solid state batteries & use more of them!

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