Constructing a Solar Powered Workshop

Developing a Solar Powered Workshop

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Thanks to Jason Andrade of West Coast Sustainables and to Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds

This project was sponsored by The Home Depot

Nay for fossil fuel, yea for renewable power
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Final month we stayed in Tonopah, Nevada. North-west of the town is a 110 megawatt solar thermal power plant named Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Undertaking. It will start working later this 12 months and will supply energy for 75,000 homes. The anticipated to expense is a bit less than $1 billion. At the bottom you see the reflection on the panels that mirror the sunlight to a big tower to heat liquid salt, which is utilized to generate electricity.

This solar power plant can operate 24/seven – sizzling salt in a big tank stores energy for use at evening. A truly big-scale venture. An overview video describes this.

This photo exhibits the reflectors known as heliostats. There are 17,500 of them, every has 62.four m² (670 square feet) of mirrors.

Explanation on employing &quotnay&quot and &quotyea&quot in the title, primarily based on Wikipedia post: &quotWhile Modern day English has a two-form system of yes and no for affirmatives and negatives, earlier varieties of English had a four-type method, comprising the words yea, nay, yes, and no. In essence, yes and no have been the responses to a query posed in the damaging, whereas yea and nay had been the responses to positively framed inquiries.&quot

I processed a balanced HDR photograph from two RAW exposures.

— © Peter Thoeny, CC BY-NC-SA 4., HDR, 2 RAW exposures, NEX-six, SEL-55210, _DSC1600_one_hdr2bal1k
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  1. You need to add 360 degree videos to your offerings. Easier than all the editing and you can "direct" the users in post if need be. Well done though, very clean and well produced.

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  3. Nicee. I work with PV systems in brazil. And there is a question.
    – did u read the instruction manual to install the inverter upside down?


  4. Mate this has to be the best video I’ve ever seen on YouTube, I’ll be subscribing and following you around the internet!! Thanks so much, please keep it up!

  5. Thank you [] and fellow Flickr photographers for faving this photo 100 times, I appreciate your positive vibes!

  6. If nations could spend their military budget to improve our ways of life this world would be a better place. BTW great shot!

  7. We have an existing barn with a loft but wasn’t sure what to do with it, thanks for all the great ideas. My house is solar powered, why not the barn too! Thanks

  8. This one is also very cool, really like the symmetry and geometric shapes here. this is kind of like what I was hoping to capture at Ivanpah.

  9. Man this is my dream but I have no tool, I hope that someday Santa will come to my house and help me build something like that, I loved my dream. 🙂 🙂

  10. Wouldn’t it be better to use a transformer for the battery chargers? Because there will always be a loss in transforming voltages.. and the lower amount of transformers, the higher the efficiency.

  11. Nicely done. As a retired environmental lawyer, I have a great appreciation for the subject matter here, as well as the beauty you’ve captured.

  12. Thank you [] & []!
    Grazie []!

  13. My best friend Joe an I built me a 14 X 16 X 9 Shed with a Loft inside out of Free Pallet’s Skinned it in Metal an I have no more than $1500 in it. I am Extremely Pleased with it and would put it up to a Tuff Shed anytime. Just Sayin ! : )

  14. Ahaha I look at the vid at first and I was like ohh I actually might build this and then I saw it was like 5k+ and I gave up hahahah

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