Corrupt LIBERAL City Buys $10M in Electrical Autos to take to Lunch and Nail Salons

Corrupt LIBERAL City Buys $10M in Electric Autos to take to Lunch and Nail Salons

Corrupt LIBERAL Los Angeles Wastes $10M in BMW i3 Electrical Autos to consider to virtue signaling Lunches and Nail Salons
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2018 BMW i3

50 thoughts on “Corrupt LIBERAL City Buys $10M in Electrical Autos to take to Lunch and Nail Salons

  1. Wow, that’s pretty rare: an actual journalist in LA! Not rare at all is the waste and corruption he found. Crooked Obama & Hillary’s deceptive liberal tactics are alive and well in the liberal left LA. Who would have thunk it?! "No comment."

  2. More proof that LIBERTARDS shouldn’t be in charge of anything more complex than Play-Doh!!! Does anyone expect anything different from the People’s Republic of KOOKafornia?????

  3. Where does the electricity come from asshole. LAPD bull SHIT. maybe Germans should pay there salary to don’t use American tax dollars.

  4. Really a BMW i3 … why dont they just buy a BMW i8. since they want to wasting taxpayers money at least by something more fancy.

  5. Well that falls right in line with the lefts game plan IMAGE over SUBSTANCE. I mean what do people expect when everything you hear sounds good from a democrats mouth. ITS ALL TRUE?!?! Most non retarded people would know that it’s too good to be true

  6. She is probably on duty also, so getting paid by the city to get a manicure, and driving the car all on tax payers dime. LOL

  7. It’s because those cars are gay and have no performance for something like a high speed chase. Cant even keep a charge either. Plus where can you put the detained person at? Do it the old 1930s way and call a van to come pick them up? Fuck that noise! Just go back to Ford interceptors and Dodge Chargers. God California can literally suck its own ass. There so damn dumb.

  8. Putting idiots in charge of the money…brilliant.

    Thats what I can’t stand about the left, they always need money, to fund dumb useless shit like this.

    Money to teach lesbians how to cook, money to teach gays how to be beekeepers, money to train gorillas how to be firefighters, etc.

    Money for the wall, that will attempt to solve a real world problem, nah, DAT’S RACIST.

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