Counterpunch Attacks Journalists Caitlin Johnstone, Green Information Network

Counterpunch Attacks Journalists Caitlin Johnstone, Green News Network together-marks-in-a-media-con-task/

David Cobb, the Green Party’s Stein/Baraka campaign manager, has fallen prey to a con task. It is unhappy, but these items can come about. The problems is that he would seem hell-bent on tarnishing the status of the total Green Get together, which, after Bernie Sanders’ defeat/capitulation in the Democratic primaries, I and a lot of of my colleagues on the left voted for in 2016.
As host of “Democracy in action” a present on The Green Information Network, Cobb has chosen to encourage and rely on the writings of a “rogue journalist” from Australia named Caitlin Johnstone.

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50 thoughts on “Counterpunch Attacks Journalists Caitlin Johnstone, Green Information Network

  1. Twitter Silence from Journalist Posting John McCain Deathwish
    by Daniel J. Flynn19 Jul 20170

    Strange times when the one without the brain tumor appears as the
    one sick in the head.

     A self-described “rogue journalist” comes closer to realizing her wish:
    John McCain has a malignant brain tumor.

    Caitlin Johnstone, in a Monday 17 July 2017 article entitled
    “Please Just fucking Die Already,” called for the death of the Arizona
    senator in the wake of his surgery to remove a blood clot from behind
    his left eye. She cited his support for various military actions as the
    rationale for her harsh hope.

     “So yeah, if John McCain could go ahead and die sooner rather than
    later,” Johnstone wrote, “that would be awesome.”

     Just days after posting her supersized hatred at the
    “reader supported” scribe’s dream seems nearer to reality. A
    convalescing McCain revealed the diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor on
    Wednesday 19 July 2017.

     Former colleague Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died not long after
    receiving a similar diagnosis, while another former colleague,
    Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter, survived for sixteen years after the
    removal of a brain tumor in 1996 before succumbing to complications from
    non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The five-year survival rate for glioblastoma,
    McCain’s specific diagnosis, registers
    at just 4% for men between 55 and 64, according to the
    American Cancer Society. The former prisoner of war turns 81 next August 2017.

    McCain is a bloodthirsty neocon whose omnicidal
    ideology has helped slaughter hundreds of thousands of people. He
    doesn’t get my respect.
    — Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) July 18, 2017

    Slaughtering children has nothing to do with
    “politics”. I am not making a political statement here. John McCain
    helps kill kids.
    — Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz) July 18, 2017

    Johnstone’s very active Twitter account went dormant in the hours
    after McCain broke the news. But after she doubled down on her article’s
    ghoulish point on social media following the initial uproar, don’t
    expect any get-well-soons or mea maxima culpas from the opinionated
    Aussie. She left herself little wiggle room or space to walk back the
    wild talk.

     “If you’re waiting for the part where I say I’m just kidding and
    would never wish death on anybody, please allow me to make myself clear:
    I sincerely, genuinely hope that Arizona Senator John McCain’s heart
    stops beating, and that he is subsequently declared dead by qualified
    medical professionals very soon,” Johnstone wrote Monday. “I don’t wish
    him a painful death, I don’t wish him a slow death, I don’t wish him an
    unnatural or violent death; I only wish that he becomes incapable of
    facilitating the merciless slaughter of any more human beings.”

  2. Dear Holly, I wish you a very happy birthday and much more success than you ever dared to dream of in your very promising journalitic career, be it here on Youtube or wherever else you choose to publish, and may your private life be even more rewarding and filled with joy, health, happiness and good luck for you and anyone around you and whoever is related to you in friendship, be they near or far.
    Follow your heart, work with passion, take your time, dig deep, check and doublecheck the evidence you wish to use and do it in a playfull mood! Stay as sweet, charming and emphatic as you are now, we have no need for yet another "tough journalist".
    All the Best and thank you for fighting the good fight. You are much more than a pretty face, you are a true intellectual that is in a meaningful dialog with the world!

    PS That was some nice editing you did with this video!

    PPS I have not forgotten that beautiful singing voice of yours, if you feel like singing in a future video, your audience can take it.

  3. David Cobb is awesome. He’s going around holding discussions trying to unite all the fragments of the left like Gandalf uniting men dwarves and elves. Whoever wrote this article has no idea what he’s talking about. If he really is a Green he’s like an elf hating on dwarves or vice versa.

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet Christmas Flower…..Lay off the Tarot……I LOVE YOUR CLASSES 🙂
    Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." or I MADE THIS UP …..THE TRUTH DON’T HURT UNLESS ITS SUPPOSE TO


  6. This bullshit is why I left the Green Party. Caitlin Johnstone picked a
    fight with a bully and is getting her ass kicked. Not my problem!

  7. My theory?.. he’s a Zionist bot. There is a huge difference between ant-semitism and anti- Zionism…check out the work of Christopher Boleyn

  8. Cernovich is not alt right. These leftists label EVERYONE as sexist, racist, alt right etc etc.
    Those words have no more meaning, especialy when they are allied with actual racists and sexists in Islam, (marxist) feminism, BLM and La Raza.

  9. Wow, what a weak attempt by this "psychologist" to continue the divide and conquer, left/ right, identity politics paradigm! Perhaps he should follow the Hippocratic oath and first, do no harm. How does writing a hit piece on a talented journalist contribute to the advancement of humans in our society? To paraphrase an wise saying…"psycho, heal thyself"!

  10. Happy Birthday, Holly – so yer what 18? 19?

    My birthday is on the 20th – I turned 18 when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon – that’s the story anyway.

  11. Happy Birthday, I am so glad you are doing this. My family is hated because we are not conforming to the loss of H.C. I am about to start live streaming soon, just waiting for my graduation and would love to promote you. Also, do you have a account yet?

  12. Referring to Johnstone as a "Journalist" is an abuse of the English language. She is a hack who pens op-ed pieces (the fact that the "news" outlet which produced this dreck can’t tell the difference between Caity’s Op-Ed calling for a red-brown alliance and actual news reportage is troubling yet symptomatic of the declining literacy levels of the so called "millennials."

    If you’re going to refer to her poisonous little Op-ed as "news" then why not refer to the Nazi invasion of Poland as a "humanitarian mission?"

  13. I have no respect for Cobb and difficult to work any defense for him anywhere. We need new faces representing the Federation.

    Thanks for the videos.

  14. i don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but nobody has to ‘lump in’ Caitlin with Cernovich, she’s openly encouraged her reading audience to seek out Cernovich’s work on multiple occasions. This is ok with you?

  15. PS: I am suspicious of anyone who uses the term red brown (green) alliance. This term originated in the Israeli intelligentsia/propaganda apparatus. Of course I am not saying the author of this article has been co-opted, just that he has bought into a prefabricated way of framing the situation & thereby directing the development of the narrative. Here is the man who started the ball rolling on the use of the term "RGB alliance" : Notice who he worked for for 30+ years?

  16. The guy is just a troll, posing as a "journalist". Targeting others, like Johnstone, is the only way he can get people to read his stuff.

  17. How rogue is Catlin Johnstone? She is a problem if you need to manufacture consent for a world view of constant war and increasing poverty among the middle classes here and in other 1st world countries. It is important to note that the Right and Left are operating on a post structural Marxist philosophical model where control of language and words very important to manufacture consent. It is a post dialectical model, too, which has more implications in terms of the need to shut down reason, discovery and conversation on issue that don’t go along with the prescribed views. Both sides are doing this. If you don’t go along with the party you are cast out.

    ((A lot of this is based upon post-structuralism which appears to be anti-Marxist in it attacks of structuralism from the French philosophers after 1960. It’s a substitute theory for Marxist theory apparently. It is highly based upon language meaning and used to hold people together in social groups usually in a hierarchy. Gramsci’s views are the ones being used by the right at this point to control themselves and opposition. Any time you hear anything about language, word or real journalism under attack it is this post-structural meme.))

  18. it shouldn’t be too hard to understand…it simply makes no sense to "unite with the alt right" no fucking thank yuo.

  19. Caitlyn Johnstone is my new hero, been following her since the beginning of 2017. She boldly spits the truth like no other.

  20. Doctor of Psychology/Behavioral Neoroscience? Perfect background to get hired to write articles to manipulate people’s minds. Hey Yoav Litvin, your current assignment is to write a smear piece on Caitlin Johnstone to sow doubt in Green minds and keep them off segregated in their own little bubble. Can’t have them seeing other Americans as genuine human beings who might unite together to oppose war!

  21. I agree Holly. It seems like "haters" always want to bash third parties, like the Green Party. These third parties have no money and power, unlike the "Democrats and the Republicans. Yet, there are those who criticize them. I seen the Green Party’s policies and have no fault with any of their goals. The moment they see Jill Stein in a dinner gathering with Putin. Right away, she is labeled a "Kremlin". Enough of the bashing, already.

  22. ‘Cernovich and I probably disagree on more things than we agree on ideologically, but where we do agree it’s absolutely stupid for us not to work together’. That’s from Caitlin Johnstone’s article for those who can’t be bothered to read it (which unfortunately includes Holly apparently). also she did write those articles as anyone with google can find out…comment at 8:57 is pretty crazy too – he begins the article by saying he was pro Bernie and voted green, so yes i think he does know that lool. pretty sure as the article is on counterpunch that the author would question Dems and critique liberals and handed stab at greens? funny cos he doesn’t critique the greens at all, just says hes worried abt her influence on the party, as any leftist should be with bedfellows like cernovitch. also usually best to research the author before u make a video about him lol, but he doesn’t have any previous articles on counterpunch about the greens so he can’t be a green supporter and it must be a hit piece. its like fallacy after fallacy smh. bn watching this channel for a while but this vid just sent me nuts with the lack of journalistic effort/integrity, in contrast to some of the others which i have enjoyed. i think holly has great potential and wish her all the best, but she rly needs to start researching stuff properly tbh

  23. Caitlin has been slapping down the Russia narrative every time it erupts. I think this is what this is about. An attempt to discredit and neutralize her.

    As well, it serves to distract.

  24. Stop using looks to get subscribers. Just because you may be one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world, does not mean you should use that fact to win a victory!

  25. i was on johnstone fb page saying what the hell are you talking abuot…of course i was blocked by her and lusigna and stauber for saying the same basic thing…why are you pretending to be left and spreading libertaryan conspiray theories…?

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