Do you have to charge a Hybrid?

Do you have to charge a Hybrid?

Do you have to charge a Toyota Hybrid? Observe as the citizens of Antwerp demonstrate us where they consider you plug-in and charge a Toyota Hybrid.

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19 thoughts on “Do you have to charge a Hybrid?

  1. It charges itself – from petrochemicals.

    Disgrace – we need to move to plug in electric cars.
    Toyota is taking a step back here.

  2. My 2011 Camry hybrid shows 11L/100km and battery shows 1/4 full all the time. It has become more monster oil eater.

  3. A car missing a feature is good? No plug = no transportation for 1/4 the price per mile. Especially in the UK where gas is so expensive.

  4. plugging in a car is whats inefficient. "Because you cant plug it in and raise your electric bill its not an electric car" what kind of nonsense is that?! It’s called a Hybrid for a reason and it’s an amazing thing to not have to plug it in, all I hear is horror stories about how horrifyingly high peoples electric bills are because you have to plug in a car that sounds more like something you’d do in the 80s if hybrid electric cars were their 2017. Why would I ever wanna pay for such a stupid thing a self charger huh that sounds like electric to me.

  5. I would be much more interested in a hybrid car if I had the option to charge and use it as an electric car. Then I could use gasolin as a backup option.

  6. This advert just shows how ignorant a great many people are about Toyota Hybrids. Yes, it charges it’s own traction high voltage battery, but more than that, it does so by reclaiming energy other cars simply loose! Prius engine running? It’s charging that HV battery while doing so. And everytime you brake, it employs regenerative braking to slow down, also reclaiming energy other cars burn off as heat. Can you say electromagnetic brakes? Unless you’re emergency braking, the hydraulic brakes only kick in, when you’ve slowed down to about 7mph. Neat!!!

  7. If no plug-in it will use nearly the same amount of fuel as a small petrol car because of increased weight, what’s the point?

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