Electrical Automobiles – How Significantly To Buy & Run vs Petrol

Electrical Vehicles – How Much To Get & Run vs Petrol

In this video I clarify how much it fees to run an electric car, acquire an electrical auto and then compare it to a conventional petrol/diesel engine auto in price. Do you feel EV’s are high-priced?

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Electric Floor Heat

When the cold winter winds reach your property, you want to depend on a excellent heating system for comfort. Electric radiant floor heat is such a method that is straightforward to install and operate. There are many positive aspects of this heating method that can save you time, concern and money.
one.Heat rises as it fills a room, so it makes sense that heating 1 from beneath the floor will warm a room swiftly. Your feet are normally the coldest element of your physique and if they are walking on a warm floor, your physique will have a tendency to warm up faster. Central heating that warms from air vents over will warm the air closest to the ceiling very first, which would operate properly for tall individuals. Most of us are closer to the floor when sleeping or sitting in the residing space.
2.There are two kinds of electrical radiant floor heat. A program of heating elements supplies the warmth in either cables coated with electrical insulation or mats constructed of fabric with the cables woven into them. Each and every of these is straightforward to set up in the area amongst the subfloor and your flooring in every single area.
three.There are several advantages to this kind of house heating, two of which are its completely silent operation and offering total comfort. An total property may possibly be heated in this style or you can include electric radiant floor heat in the colder regions of your house like the kitchen and bathroom. Warming the complete residence in this way does not leave cold spots like a wood-burning heater or radiator.
Decrease Electrical power
four.The even heat distribution will lower your electrical expenses by enabling you to lower the thermostat but still attain sufficient warmth. A boiler will last longer due to the fact of the lowered temperature as properly.
Dust Free
5.A sizzling air program can create dust problems from the returning air of a forced-air program but a radiant heat technique does not. Allergy sufferers get pleasure from the hypoallergenic functions of this system and have much less seasonal allergy symptoms. This sort of technique is also useful to people with compromised immune systems.
six.There are no heat registers in the floor to arrange furniture around and the method is virtually invisible. There is also no noise associated with radiant floor heat as in forced heat systems so you by no means notice when it is on.
7.An electrical radiant heating technique is much less high-priced than a forced air method since it has no ductwork or heat registers. It requires less time to set up, which saves you money on labor and total set up cost.

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Mindset 2009 Electric automobile
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50 thoughts on “Electrical Automobiles – How Significantly To Buy & Run vs Petrol

  1. I should have said we lease an i3 94Ah REX and it’s superb! I think the ownership model is dead personally and have no interest in owning a car with so much technology (much like phones on a contract)!

  2. Take time out of the calculation. Just use mileage. Compute cost/mile and then apply it to the life of the car since cars tend to wear out after a given amount of use (mileage) not time.

    Then, compare the lifetime fueling costs to the purchase price (or total lease cost).

  3. most of these you have to lease the battery so appx £80 per month =£960 pa thats before buying it plus what it costs to charge it , buying a leaf =£270 a month =£3240 pa im a old gummer and only do short trips works out to appx £40 a month fuel the car cost £1500 2 years ago rear dics /pads and i do one oil change a year £20 for the oil and £3 and change for a filter plus if we have another 11 hour power cut like we had last month i would not be going anywhere .

    Buying one where you own the battery is a scary thing in this day and age of digital software programs and charging circuits who decides the cut off point for the battery ? i saw a Peugeot 206 BEV advertised for £1500 the batteries needed replacing because it was down to 10 miles this was an older model with with lead acid batteries Peugeot wanted £5000 plus labour for a new pack and that was old lead acid ones so what are they going change now for new tech ones ? all thats going to happen here is the American model where people buy a car keep it for 2 years /3 tops and sell it on so they dont incure any maintenance bills buying an BEV after someone else has had the best out of it would be an expensive item ,with battery packs at £6/7000 the cars wont be worth anything !
    Barvarian post office said official battery range figures given by MFGs were [im not gooing to put what he said ] turned out to be 40% of what was quoted and that on a light duty Renault Kangoo !

    And how many people have the results of an Ncap test and the effects on the battery and systems ?

    Im going to have to stay with my flat earth car because if needed i can drive the 150 to see my friends /relatives without the fear of rumming out of electric !

  4. how much? 6995 USD used 2012 SL…. so happy. making a video review now… thanks for this video! gonna show friends it.

  5. We should meet up and have a bar chat for your blog. I will play devils advocate as a distressed EV owner whose sick of the false promises from manufacturers and fake news of new models from bloggers. In the last 2 years nothing has changed. Things have only got worse in EV. I will throw in a ride in my Tesla Roadster Sport

  6. another point worth mentioning is that if you are an ecotricity customer for your gas and electricity at your home, rapid charging is FREE on motorways etc. and you also get £40 off your bills for having a ev.

  7. Looked at Rolec when I was n the market for a charger but decided against as it looked too cheap. I’m glad I chose Pod Point.

  8. £248pm on my leaf and that is for 14,000 miles, I get free charging at work each day, I estimate I pay £100pm max for a brand new car as the saving on fuel is fantastic.

  9. I almost envy you Brits, USA just doesn’t have the infrastructure for electric vehicles. There are only 2 even close to me, we’re talking 20 minutes for the nearest and at least 30 for the other. When you throw in traffic and mileage, it’s not worth it here. In California I understand there are many charging stations, so out there I might would go for it. Here in middle Tennessee no way. I like your break down though ELM, it lays it all out. When you add in the cost of service every 3 months or 3000 miles + gas + purchase ICE are really expensive to own.

  10. I get my second Leaf next week, a new 30kwh Tekna with 6.6kw charger (both are on PCP – the 2 year old Leaf will go back to Nissan as per end of agreement period). It’s worth noting that the excess mileage charge on Nissan Leaf PCP in the UK is 0.08p per mile, so if you think you know your annual mileage don’t add thousands of miles onto the mileage agreement as a ‘just in case you do more than expected’ scenario. My first Leaf had a 10,000 mile per year allowance and in the end it’s going back with just under 10,000 miles covered in 2 years. So my paranoia over mileage cost me a little more money than it should have.

    Admittedly the reason my first Leaf was such low mileage was that I quickly discovered that the UK charging infrastructure was not fully reliable and the range capability of my car was nothing close to what I expected with a 100% healthy battery! It may be that my next 30kwh Leaf will be much more viable for long distance journeys in which case I’ll pay the 0.08 per mile excess fee, assuming I don’t purchase the car at the end of the PCP and I have gone over my agreed mileage. That would work out at £80 per additional 1000 miles I go over my agreement (so not bad).

    Also the monthly charges will vary – Are you getting a 2 year PCP or 3 or perhaps 4 years? How big is the final balloon payment at the end? Nissan seem to overvalue the final value figure (probably deliberately).

    My next PCP is over 3 years and in that time there is a fair chance that the value of used EVs will change markedly. We seem to be entering a period where diesel cars are going to be in decline because of the noxious particle emissions that are causing harm to people, particularly in the cities (this has had media attention and lots of rumours about eventually banning diesels from the cities). So the popular choices will become petrol, hybrid or electric. This ‘awakening’ of the pollution problems might just sway a small percentage of people away from petrol cars too (maybe not-we’ll see). But I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see a change in the second hand market prices for EVs, the EVs will be far more popular and therefore the used EVs will be more scarce, which means a potential price rise in the second-hand market.

    All food for thought.

    Pete. 🙂

  11. I chose a Skoda Citigo over anything electric (my humble opinion is that they are not quiet there yet and need a few more years) – so whilst not quiet apples for apples, its the cheaper option and a much better range. We love it as a second car, £140/month PCP (£500 deposit + £99 3 year servicing pack) about 54mpg average, £0 road tax, £500 fuel card when purchased. We only do about 7k miles a year, but for local shopping etc its excellent.

  12. Meagre Maintenance ! No oil changes No filter changes No expensive fuel.
    In three years I spent nothing but just changed my E V at home. No machinist menace.
    Peace of mind.


  14. I’m in the US, and my wife and I own a 2014 40 mpg gas car and a 2013 LEAF. I paid $16,000 new for the gas car and $9,000 for the used LEAF, so hard to do a straight comparison. I’m sure the LEAF is cheaper though since we bought it at such a low price ($150 payments, $2000 down)

  15. You should have used a real world comparison of a real world car like a VW Polo or a Toyota Yaris or whatever you call it across the pond.

  16. Was going to buy an i3 until i saw the price of them. Tax exempt v8 is way more fun,will continue with current car until electric cars become a reasonable price both new and 2nd hand.

  17. In all of Ireland north and south the electric still free at 99.9% of points, my Renault 43kw 22w 50 quid lease for 7500 battery for four years, made no sense to buy as 1800 Quid toward lease , so really battery 600 quid lease for four years , so bought car on pcp will have 2000 to pay at end if keep and have option to change battery to 40 kw from latest in , obviously will be cost approx 2500/3500 + , 2 years in have saved in excess of 1500 as mostly free, and only done 13500 miles. Did get best deal on battery in Nov/Dec 2014 reduced for short time, normally 70 quid, spent more on sweets, coffee, washer fluid and car wash by miles, when charges come in will charge mainly at home, solar will subsidise this partially. Like uk mainland far more leafs by far but problem is they block many of the chargers for hours on end due to old charge system , dc fast charging only on major roads, 22kw in most other places , my last 2 litre diesel i managed 42 real dirty miles. 40 kw battery is a game changer in my opinion

  18. A man signed a contract with Renaults leasing company only to find that they automaticly renewed it he did not want that they threatened him that they could imobilise the car by turning the sim off they then said after he pointed out the end of contract time that he was responasable for any costs involved in taking the car to a dealer to have the battery taken out in his case £200 plus the cost of hiring a low loader to take his car home the car ended up for spares or repairs because of the cost of a new battery this kind of thing is never bought up by any smilly sales person and the public only find these things out when joe pulic goes public with it electric cars are not all plain sailing !

    I understand now that Renault has backed down on automatic lease renewals !

  19. Npower have put their price by 10% and Scotish & southern by a whopping 11% , Ecotricity have now stopped giving away free charging in the UK this will do nothing to enhance the running costs of an EV ,yet these increses dont seem to be discussed on EV chanels !

  20. Great video. My 2014 Zoe was five and half grand with 80 pounds a month battery lease. Longest trip 220 miles, used free ecotricity rapid chargers so cost to me was £1.40.

  21. Do I get right about Leaf charging at public stations – if there is no ChaDeMo connector, you can’t use it? Or type2 can be used somehow?

  22. These numbers are, of course, UK specific.

    The UK is really good for electric cars because it’s a reasonably small country, there’s so much tax on petrol, and we have low cost night-time electricity available.

  23. What is the "electric equivalent" to miles/gallon. How does one calculate how many watts are used to run an electric vehicle. Have a research study to do and I am completely clueless about cars/ electricity etc.

  24. This is a great little overview and comparison, however, it doesn’t cover the average yearly costs of servicing, consumables, running and maintenance costs, namely the differences with internal combustion versus electric, i.e. oils, fluids, greases, bearings, belts, brake wear and the like, depending on the type of car, this can be thousands of dollars a year.

  25. The merc’s a joke, better off buying a bike, if had no wheels couldn’t be any worse, name only , mercs behind the times,old tesla gear installed with ridiculously slow charging , give you time whilst charging to cry your head off. Don’t even think of buying the merc

  26. Unfortunately, neither Kia, Renault, nor Mercedes Benz, or Nissan list any of their EVs on the Motability Scheme, (a 3-year lease) and the Hyundai Ioniq is only available as a hybrid, not the EV version. So it’s petrol for me – again.

  27. zzzzzzz….  Oh sorry I nodded off.. where’s my popcorn gone.. Oh right electric cars,  Time you add up the other savings you did not say like the Road Tax not needed and the fact no expensive major oil changes, oil filters, M.O.T’s, etc.. and the Government money off offer of about £4.500p for EV’s here in the UK, plus the fact you in most cases don’t need to pay to park or charge at allot of place now and the fact the electric needed to charge at home be over night Cheap Rate.. or if your clever with solar panels on the roof of the house. then boy the savings mount up big time?  so much so maybe a big amount off the price of the next electric car brought.

  28. Great video,but you forgot calculate the mantenence of the EV & combustion cars for that 20k a year,I think you will have a big + £ on the conbustion ones,what you think……

  29. Interesting video. Just to pick up on the Ecotricity fast chargers, they are still free for Ecotricity customers! Ecotricity also have an EV electric tariff and you get up to 52 rapid charges per year. As you said, most people don’t tend to use the rapid chargers unless they are doing a long trip.

  30. Just took delivery of my leaf Accenta 4th July . Had a xc90 34mpg . Did a pro n con on costs the leaf came out top by £21 a month on pcp . So I now drive a new car cheaper than a 2004 xc90 diesel.

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