Electrical Car Logic (GTA V)

Electric Auto Logic (GTA V)

In this video I will review the weird design of the electric automobiles in GTA V.

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50 thoughts on “Electrical Car Logic (GTA V)

  1. This video does showcase bad design of electric cars in the game, but even more so it showcases the amazingly relaxing ambient noise of the game. Makes you want to fall asleep, but not in a bored way. Just so peaceful 🙂

  2. 2:17
    My arse that’s a V12 engine. The cams and the placement of it show an inline engine, I’d say 4 pot mainly because of the quad exit manifolds.

  3. In the front of the voltic that does not in anyway look like and engine ever think that they might be rockstars version of battries?

  4. These videos are usually pretty awesome, but some statements in this one are quite untrue. For example, there is absolutely no problem in having a transmission (manual or automatic) in an eletric car. In fact, you can replace the whole engine by some sort of contraption with pedals, and stick a transmission to it, it will still work. In fact, thats basically how geared bicycles work, just without the clutch.

  5. Here is something about the Dilettante that doesn’t make sence. After the fuel tank is empthy, the car simply won’t move although it uses electiricity to move below 40mph.

  6. Actually, the v12 isn’t useless because rockstar based it off of the fisker karma, a solar panel hybrid with an engine under the hood. The panels feed the engine, so only the fuel gauge is useless.

  7. Turbo affects more to the accelleration than the top speed so if u look for improvements from its new top speed, u’ll be very difficult or maybe never get the differences or improvements…… LOL

  8. Hahaha in the coil voltic that arent 4 cilinders. You see 4 verticaly placed cam gears with timing belts around them 🤣😂even anothet cam gear underneath the second. I never noticed all the lazyness and errors rockstar has. Good videos.

  9. Y does rockstar think its hard to get a top speed higher then 120? 😂
    There’s IRL cars with 200hp and weigh 4,000 pounds that do 130mph+ so just saying the speeds of the cars should be updated

  10. Good job,this gentleman knows a thing or two about cars.I,as a car guy,am very pleased.

    well,you did have some mistakes like:

    1.If a car is rear wheel drive,it doesnt mean it has to have the engine in the rear.
    2.Khameleon has a inline 4,not a V12.

    But overall you knew very good,and i am proud of you.

  11. non logical thing about ev cars:in case of damaging batteries it will cause fire, you shooted a car many times and…nothing

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