five Crazy Electrical Autos You Can Acquire Online

five Crazy Electric Cars You Can Acquire On the web

PodRide a practical and fun bicycle-auto


ELECTRICMOOD: The World Smartest Urban E-Scooter

Infento: World’s 1st True Constructible Rides

Boosted Boards – The World’s Lightest Electric Car

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Wave Electric 28 MPH Bike

50 thoughts on “five Crazy Electrical Autos You Can Acquire Online

  1. The problem I have with these videos, is the fact that ,at no point are heavier people EVER riding them. I thought this was for helping people stay in shape. Well , there are plenty of overweight people who want to be in shape. But no, of course not, can’t have heavier people in your videos right? That’s not attractive to you ,right ? Seems to me that the only kinds of people you associate yourself with, are a bunch models.

  2. Zhejiang Hangpai electric vehicles was established in Dec. 2006. The company is mainly engaged in producing electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, electric scooters, and some ODM vehicles. So far, the products have been widely sold in many countries, like Germany, France, UK, Italy, Portugal, Canada, US,Israel, etc. We provide OEM service but meanwhile we are running our own brands: "YITU" and "Bluelecttrico (Italian).

  3. The first one made me LOL!!…..Those doughnuts! πŸ˜€ But did I miss something? I thought "bicycle" basically meant a two(bi) wheeled pedal (cycle) device ? Basically he’s produced a miniture electric car. Looks fun, but it ain’t a bicycle.

  4. Strange the way all these personal electric vehicles assume you are never going to need to carry anything larger than a sandwich!


  6. Infento looks cool but the "saving money" part is BS. not only will it cost more, he going to want a real bike not this thing. get some tools and just build stuff with ur kid

  7. You stated 5 electric vehicles you can buy online, but the podride is not available online or anywhere else. Which is really too bad, because it is a great idea whose time has come. I would buy one if they were available and I’m certain there would a thousand others waiting for their podride as well.

  8. If you don’t have to peddle, its a moped. You have to get an insurance and a moped license to drive it in my country.

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