Honda Civic Hybrid And Petrol Vehicle Model Overview

Honda Civic is a compact vehicle that comes with plush interior, exhilarating drive, trendy look and advanced technologies. Honda Siel Automobiles India (HSCI) launched the sedan in India in 2006 and is the eighth generation Civic. The model was face-lifted in 2009 September and recently re-launched a special variant, equipped with added attributes of cruise management method in steering wheel, rear windscreen sunshade and a lot of more. Honda Civic is the entry degree sedan on D-section that competes with Skoda Laura, Chevrolet Cruze, Skoda Octavia and Toyota Corolla. Honda Civic is obtainable as the petrol versions and hybrid versions. The petrol version comes with three variants 1.8 S MT, 1.eight V MT and 1.8 V. The hybrid edition comes with 1.3 L engine with consistent variable transmissions. The petrol edition also comes with Inspire and Elegance designs. Honda Civic price tag ranges among twelve lacs and 14.5 lacs.

Honda Civic engine and specifications

The Civic has a one.8L, 4-cylinders, 1799 cc, i-VTEC petrol engine that has a capability to crank the optimum power of 132 PS at the price of 6300 rpm and optimum torque of 17.five kgm at the price of 4300 rpm. Both automated and manual transmission variants come with five pace gearbox along with the paddle shift, which guarantees to give powerful acceleration. The superior i-VTEC technological innovation plays important role in functionality, fuel economy and engine energy. The Civic exterior measures 4545 mm in length, 1750 mm in width and 1450 mm in height. Wheelbase of 2700 mm, ground clearance of 170 mm and the Kerb excess weight is 1240 kg.

Honda Civic Overall performance

The manual and the automatic transmissions deliver smooth trip. Set up of superior i-VTEC technology assures to provide high quality engine overall performance with far better fuel efficiency and quick acceleration. i-VTEC technologies has throttle method and drive-by-wire that make positive to preserve the exhilaration lively even right after the trip is finished. With the aid of personal computer assistance the throttle valve is managed by electrical gesture as a substitute for of traditional mechanic wire.

Honda Civic Exterior, Interior and Safety

The entire (the two front and rear) has sporty visual appeal, as the front portion is completely covered with sporty elements that come with smoky headlights the lower grille of the front portion is placed at the center with fog lamps at both the edges with metallic coat and Honda brand placed in the middle. The Base model offers entire body shade door handles and door protectors and the larger ends come with chrome plated handles. The rear trunk and the rear bumper go well with every other. Honda Civic has cockpit styled interiors that compliments with its stylish exterior. The sedan is outfitted with car AC program that guarantees to supply even chillness to the entire chalet. An sophisticated instrumental cluster is neatly placed on the dashboard along side the audio technique with CD-player and an audio manage in the armrest of the rear side.

As portion of safety system the Civic is equipped with the regular security techniques like Electronic Break Force Distribution (EBD), Anti-breaking Method (ABS), SRS Airbags for driver and front passenger, pre-tensioners seat belts and so on.

Details, updates of Honda Civic, Honda City and other automobile designs of Honda Motors in India

2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum Auto Evaluation

Toyota could come to mind when the word hybrid comes up, but Ford offers a smooth productive system that goes effortless on a gallon of gasoline. Consumers might purchase it for the looks alone. Tom Voelk reviews the Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum model.

From: Driven Car Testimonials

34 thoughts on “Honda Civic Hybrid And Petrol Vehicle Model Overview

  1. I like the gear selector, more companies need to goto this. I think my favorite one is bmw’s (I know a lot of people hate that one)

  2. Tom, I’ve been watching your videos for years. You are the best here on YouTube hands down. Seriously! You explain everything so well, your filmography is perfect, and you seem very genuine and friendly! I enjoy hybrid technology and you explain it very well to people that might not know a whole lot about it.. Thank you!

  3. Hi Mr. Tom, another great review. I just cannot understand why you have this many subs. You deserve at least 100k if not more. Maybe, if you did those kinda exaggerated driving impressions as you drive the car, but would probably not suit your style. Anyways, I am pretty sure you will grow. Slow but steadily. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. The interior design and style keeps me from wanting one. Oh, and the suppository shaped exterior. But that two turbo V6 though…

  5. Kinda discouraged in your seem to be another Speed Freak type. not very Fast, etc.. who does more than 25-40 mph around town? Stress its a Local Commuter type car , not a Hwy Cruise type car for doing 70mph all day..several of my Retired Friends have them, ave 20mph and 45 mpg per tank of gas.. so what does that tell you of our local driving? And they do the same in Fla. vs their summer Homes in Wi..

  6. Rented a Hybrid SE last week on a business trip. Car handles very well and is extremely comfortable for a 6′ man to drive. I averaged 40.9 miles per gallon Louisville to St. Louis and back.

  7. A 20-year old Camry with V6 I used to own had the same 0-60 with 19-22 MPG, so no reason to be grumpy about this Fusion Hybrid. Like the outer and interior design – contemporary and stylish. You did not mention though what hybrid technology does Ford use – is it home-grown or licensed from Toyota?

  8. My, that’s definitely one of the most interesting trunks I have ever seen. I can only imagine how many days hours and weeks were spent trying to figure out different configurations for the battery.

  9. A fantastic offering by Ford only to be let down by that hideously dated center stack and switch gear. Ford address this issue and this car will lead the pack

  10. Hey Tom, Excellent as always! If I was you out of curiosity that style Fusion has been around for some time now. I would of rented one if I were you only because this is what you do and curiosity would of got the best of me. But you finally got one. 🙂

  11. My oh my is this ever purty.

    Haha, but in all seriousness, that Fusion is really well done – kudos to FoMoCo for that. I’ve always had reservations about the Fusions (although I did admittedly like the Milan back when that was a thing), but now I’m okay with the Aston-esque styling as it’s differentiated itself enough to make it unique, in my opinion.

    If I had the money to toss at another midsize sedan right now, this Fusion would definitely be topping my list.

  12. Great Review Tom…I am curious. From a fuel tank, what did the fuel range show? I like the Fusion’s design but the other models real world mpg are only average at best.

  13. Hi, Tom… I only just discovered your "Driven Car Reviews" here on YouTube. I’ve been considering this Fusion Hybrid for my next car, so I found this review very helpful. Oh, and just to be clear, I have sat in several of these 2017 models in both the standard SE trim and the Platinum trim, so I know that the leather is real in the higher trim levels. Anyway, thanks for being here.

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