Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid hatchback evaluation – Carbuyer

Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid hatchback review – Carbuyer

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Hyundai Ioniq hybrid assessment:
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The Hyundai Ioniq is a landmark auto, as it’s the initial to be provided in hybrid, all-electrical and plug-in hybrid versions. It truly is the hybrid – the very likely best-vendor we’re driving right here. The Ioniq is all-new from the ground up, and as a extremely credible rival for the Toyota Prius. It truly is smartly styled, with a conventional interior and is suitably practical. It’s not hugely entertaining to drive, but working costs are lower.

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49 thoughts on “Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid hatchback evaluation – Carbuyer

  1. it’s pronouced "Hyun deh" with the "Hyun" rhyming with the back end of "onion" and "deh" rhyming with the "e" sound in "debt."

  2. Untill electric cars charge up as fast as petrol cars do , i do not understand why they are not building ecars to be the same size of a vw up or smart for2 and for cheap so you can buy (an avant petrol) then have the small ecar for incity

  3. Main pros of Ioniq is the look of it. It looks nice here in video, but in person, it’s 10 times nicer. Unlike Prius which is just ugh. As for the drivetrain issues, it’s Hyundai’s first Hybrid, I’m pretty sure Prius wasn’t perfect when it was first released either. And now it’s at version 4 or 5 already? I wonder how electric only Ioniq stacks up against other electric cars like Leaf which is again, also enjoying it’s N’th iteration and Ioniq is the first…

  4. Prius does have a 😱-effect not a wow effect
    it’s the most hideous design you can currently get

    The Ioniq is really a nice car that doesn’t cry for attention but got some decent style

  5. What an idiot, besides sounding like a sponsored infomercial why would you try a bottle of water in everything but the cup holders where one might actually put a bottle of water. Who puts a bottle of water in the glove compartment… idiot…

  6. Lol. Comparing the Ioniq to the Prius is an insult frankly. Only a mentally impaired moron would choose the Toyota over this, what with a kind of styling that would make a deformed pig look pretty. Seriously, are you recommending the prius over the ioniq with a clear conscience and a straight face? You’re joking right?

  7. As someone who is 6’2"/188cm, I’m sick to death of this "4-door coupe" styling and the assumption that nobody tall ever needs to sit in the rear seat of a car. If I can’t fit comfortably in the back seat, I’m not buying the car.
    There is a myriad of reasons, but here’s a scenario for you: long trip, multiple drivers. I want to be able to snooze in the back seat while someone else drives and another passenger keeps them awake.
    Sometimes I like to be a passenger in my own car just so I can relax and pay more attention to the scenery.

  8. That Dual Clutch Transmission tho, imagine clutch replacement costs for that. Prius has no replacement belts, clutches or anything. Give it fluids and you are good to go.

  9. ‘The dash doesn’t have a WOW factor,’ really? You’re talking bollocks! It’s a dashboard, are the controls functional? Within easy reach and clearly marked? That’s the WOW factor you should be looking for…

  10. Excellent review, Carbuyer crew! I’m picking my Ioniq on Thursday and I agree with you on all its flaws. Despite them, I still chose Ioniq over Auris hybrid or Prius. It’s simply bigger than the former, while cheaper than the latter. After test-driving Auris and Ioniq, I’ve found Hyundai more engaging to drive, and the responsiveness reminded me of my wife’s CX-3, which I think handles fantastically. My wife said Ioniq was better to drive than the CX-3, so there’s that too.
    All in all, I can live with most of its flaws and you are absolutely right in saying in the end, it will all go down to personal preference.
    Keep up the good, spot-on work!

    PS: Found your channel looking for Kodiaq’s reviews. Good job on that, too 🙂

    EDIT: Forgot to add: Ioniq produces 72g of CO2 per 100km, yes, but only on 15 inch alloys with those low-resistance tires. 17 inch produces more like 92g. Just something that popped out from the brochure I got. Cheers.

  11. One of the biggest things that has kept me out of the hybrid car market is worrying about huge out of pocket battery replacement charges after the warranty is gone in 8yrs or 100k which ever comes first (for me in 6yrs or less) .
    After reading the info on Hyundai website about the Ioniq life time battery components warranty has me looking at buying one. The better styling over the prius and the traditional cockpit look and feel over the prius is also a plus not to mention the starting price is $2,600 under the prius as well. Nice job Hyundai.

  12. I can’t help but being amused by all the people saying this looks better than a Prius. For me this car looks clean and modern but also bland and souless, while the Prius looks modern but also exciting, dynamic, fanciful and original. I wouldn’t base my decision on looks, but if I did, Prius wins hands down.

  13. I just reviewed this car. He didn’t rest his head on the head rest. I’m 5 foot 11, and i have to lodge my head firmly on the rooflining to rest on the headrest.

  14. I’ve driven this car and I can asure you the gearbox is buttery smooth with very seamless gear changes so cant understand his statements.

  15. So with 2 test drive’s I’ve decided to buy the Hyundai IoniQ as my new car for 2018. I know I’ve made the right choice.

  16. If its cheaper than the prius I’ll buy hyundai because the prius looks like a fish, Ioniq looks like something neat and simple.

  17. I think journalists just do not have any arguments to hate korean cars, so they just say: it’s not fun to drive. In this review i didn’t detected any mention of dual clutch system that this car offers, while Prius doesn’t. And in review of new Rio thera are the same metions: not fun to drive. Like a Fiesta is a bomb of fun.

  18. Mention to the presenter, PRIUS DOES NOT HAVE A CVT!

    Note that CVT is belt-type transmission, but prius has eCVT which is planetary gearset with two electric motors – no belts at all.

  19. I lease this car. It’s good, it’s an Audi A3 deep down designed by the Audi designer who moved to Hyundai. But the foot operated parking brake is rubbish, it also switches of the front LEDs when used.. There are Led lights that light up the back of the front door handles only, but not the back door handles why? For the money it’s good, for more cash the mercedes A / CLA class is much much better…

  20. Yeah sorry to be the prune face here, but there’s just no imagination in it’s design. At least the Prius update has curves and angles that work to it aesthetic advantage. This is just a bubble on wheels.

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