Lower Cost Electrical Cars of the Future – electrical drive – smartUSA

Lower Cost Electric Vehicles of the Potential – electrical drive – smartUSA

Introducing the all-new electric vehicle from smart, a low-value fully electric motor vehicle offered as the two a coupe and cabriolet. Accelerate new thinking with the intelligent electrical drive.

Find out a lot more about the electric drive: http://www.smartusa.com/designs/electrical-drive/overview.aspx

Join the conversation: https://twitter.com/smartcarusa

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By SOCIALisBETTER on 2008-09-03 14:46:44

15 thoughts on “Lower Cost Electrical Cars of the Future – electrical drive – smartUSA

  1. 400 miles isnt going to happen in a car this small, and this is only the beginning, in 10 years frow now the base range on electric cars will be at least 250, electric is taking over, bye bye smelly dirty toxic gas

  2. This looks great, I have been using a GEM car for 11 years. It’s time to step it up. Would love to demo one of these new units.

  3. This "advertisment" is one of those that make you doubt about buying an electric car. The stopping in the end of this video represents the range anxiety, music creates doubtful atmosphere. Someone doesn’t want us to transfer to electric cars.

  4. Yeah, looking sexy in your pathetic Nissan leaf…
    Tech just needs 5 maybe ten more years…
    But, when it is perfected gas will not be important and we can stop these pointless wars.

  5. Great, I was just hoping for this to happen. Like to exchange my smart fortvo for the electric one. Will get it soon !!!

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