Prime 7 Blunders Newbies Make Going Solar – Avoid These For Effective Electrical power Harvesting From The Sun

Best seven Errors Newbies Make Going Solar – Keep away from These For Effective Electrical power Harvesting From The Sun

People make these 7 mistakes over and in excess of once more when they decide to get their initial solar panel system.

****I know refrigerators do not run continuously all day every day. But they DO run any time day or night. That necessitates a battery for vitality storage and an inverter effective adequate to handle substantial present, neither of which are incorporated in any retail solar kit.****

In this video, we’ll go over how to keep away from these 7 deadly sins of solar. Regardless of whether that is a 10W starter kit program or a full blown whole residence grid tied method, these all fairly much apply across the board. Make positive you don’t fall into these or you will waste a bunch of funds.

Hunting for your 1st solar panel method?

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50 thoughts on “Prime 7 Blunders Newbies Make Going Solar – Avoid These For Effective Electrical power Harvesting From The Sun

  1. Good info
    I have 15 panels 2 30A controllers 1 system max 22A, 2nd 17A peak I found 2 smaller systems is cheaper than 1 big system. I have 40.00 electric bills in summer, 150 – 250 winter, spring fall 100, I have 2 AC units and elec heat biggest part of my elec bill. almost all lighting is solar, car chargers for phone, laptops, flashlights, routers, monitors, games, small backup fridge normally used for a for boat or truck (compressor type only because 6A @ 30% duty cycle). I have 2 AC units and mostly elec heat biggest part of my elec bill.

  2. yep 99%l youtube people talking solar are very clueless – this one happens to have some good info – I know what your saying about the fridge 24 hrs.

    BE SURE TO GET A SOLAR POWER SYSTEM INSTALLED BY A PRO or help by a pro – Its insane the systems installed by some real smart guys on youtube – breaking so many rules. you will have issues.

    I help DIY people in Texas.

  3. good video. Did not know about the operating range and that heat can affect the output, good info. One thing I like to point out and maybe get your input is to the manner by which solar panels are marketed due to their watt output. One would think that a solar panel will be used to charge batteries so an indication of Amps would be a better guideline. Another think I like to ask is the output voltage. my understanding is that one needs 14.4 volts to charge a 12 volt battery, do panels put out 14.4 and not 12? A little confused.

  4. Killer vid. Extremly accurate. I’m going to take the leap and go off grid. I’m simply calculating a 50% operational return on a purchase…IE:100 watt panel produces 50 watts. Inverter for 1000 watts I’ll buy a 2000 watt inverter. 5.5 hrs sun time I’ll plan for 2.5. Thanks for the vid.

  5. Thank you for great vids have seen many we are doing a small Deseret Mission work and will only have a 200 watt system been learning so much number one thing I do not need, aside from the kit, MPPT and power inverter 2 panels 2 100 AH batteries small but all we will have for must have things.My question what are all the things you need I am lost all the extra things wires how much, connectors fuses all what do I need help ready to get and need to know the stuff I need that I know I have no idea of I can not find a vid on just all the extras you must have to make it all work. any info links, thank you all off grid for after it al hits the fan.

  6. Too much space is required to produce a kilowatt of energy. Real estate is expensive and environmental concerns is not addressed here.

    Batteries lose their ability to store potential energy over time. They must be replaced. The cost of batteries is too high.

    There is no mention of waste disposal of used batteries. This is potentially a real problem.

    All of our electrical equipment is based on AC power so conversion either to all DC appliances or conversion to AC to accommodate our present system is much to costly.

    I don’t see solar as a substitution to what we have in the near future.

  7. 70 Degrees optimal? the cooler the better, 70 is way off my PV-1 scales compared to say…..35 degrees . @ 500 IRR. hands down will produce more than 70 degrees with a 500 IRR. i’m unsure what you are meaning "optimal" at 70 deg. 70 is just the usual controlled setting panels are tested at with 400 IRR. of artificial sunlight .

  8. As a pilot, I see many solar farms.
    Why are so many sited on what where pastures or meadows? Grassland is a natural solar collector and could be sequestering carbon …

    Why not site them over parking lots so motorists can park in the shade or over large buildings so the shade could reduce the AC costs?

  9. can i run 12- 345 solar panels 4140 watts 4048 inverter on a Schneider MPPT 60-150 solar charger controller? or does in have to be 4000 watts or less

  10. this whole vid is very negative. I have a small 20w panel that runs my solar water heater. It runs the pump even in cloudy weather. Solar PV is awesum, in every way and shape. Go and buy now.

  11. Is it my idea or these points you present are just personal? It sounds like your giving your opinion in steps like rules and the funny thing is that all of them are improvable

  12. With all these natural disasters occurring we have to start taking steps in the right direction for our children and the future. This video has great information, Thank You LDSreliance! Some people may not be scientifically inclined to understanding the concepts brought forth. Some people might be too lazy to make the attempt. I’m promoting a product that can help our environment and does all of the work in this video for you, take a look . (If not allowed, please feel free to remove, I apologize in advance If not allowed, just want to see the world have a better future, Thanks)

  13. I am getting different answers as to when I should run my pool pump now that I have solar. Is it more cost efficient to run during the day or at night and why? Thank you!

  14. yes but to start with 100W is really low… I got 250W with aan 210 amp battery on my beach cabin, its enough for my 220V refigirator, led lights, telephone and cooking some water in a 500w water boiler… but 2 days clouds… is battery killer.

  15. 8th one is time required to start getting the bill benefits from electricity company for on grid installation and commissioning of system. Electricity company are large public sector org and ofen very slow. For me i am not getting benefitted for past 1 year and Solar company is least worried about it. @ "Sunkalp Energy".. be careful in investing

  16. I use about 1 kw/hr or 24kw/day or 750 kw/mo on average, but in summer the A/C is running and sucking up twice as much power, running at least 1,100 kw for those summer months. At 15 cents per kwh for all costs on the bill, the highest summer bills are $168 in a month. My lowest bills are in spring and fall, when neither heat nor A/C are pulling much power. Those bills are about $68. This is November and my bill for the last month shows 454 kw used. The bill is for 29 days and it’s $68.26. If I want a system which can produce 1,200 kw in a single month, how much would I have to pay for a system that would be adequate?

  17. First lesson of thermodynamics: you can’t produce or consume energy, only transformed. If you consume 100kWh of electricity, you will nearly get 100kWh of heat. Therefore: Changing from standard bulb to LED don’t "really save energy. It reduce your electricity consumption. In summer, you will get a double advantage: less using the AC. In wintertime (when it is earlier darker), your light will produce heat. Going to LED means you will have to increase the heater in wintertime. 😉

    Please: yes! We have to go solar! In fact we have to use all renewable type of power – while in most places of the earth, geothermal power is not renewable. If all your neighbours are on geothermal and you are not located e.g. in Iceland you may get a frozen underground with no heat to take out. So yes, Geothermal is not a sustainable source of heat!

  18. yup. good vid for the beginner. guess what. also a good vid for advanced users. makes a nice check reference for one’s system. good job!

  19. Good information and So True. An example of the snake oil sales out there is the DIY solar box that claims it can save you 70% of your $250/month electrical bill. They sell you instructions on connecting solar/inverter/batteries and build a system for under $200.00 for $39. Get real, This is NOT going to happen.

  20. my plans for solar is a small simple design. I just want it for low voltage(12v led) lighting along side my 120vac lights. also probably 12v power outlets for cell phone and tablet charging and maybe a 12v outlet in garage for car battery charging. just a for a "piece of mind" during a power outage I will still have lights and a phone along with wood stove I could survive a winter power outage as well. If you are good with electronics computers and TV’s actually run on 12dc just have to know where to tap into them on the boards

  21. Hey to all the comments posted by the knowledgeable ones, this guy on this video is trying to educate us in a simple way, don’t downgrade him for not knowing it all.

  22. Good advice.
    Noob alert: I’m not running heavy work with my shed (a few led lights and a 3D Printer.)
    Guess what?
    I didn’t work out power consumption and just brought a 100W panel with a 10amp controller.
    Guess I didn’t pay proper attention to maths!

  23. There is no good reason to buy a system that only works when the sun is out and then only a 15% efficiency and depends on batteries for 12 hours a day. Batteries are notoriously inefficient and prone to failure.

    Might as well spend that money on a diesel generator and a 5000 gal storage tank. About the same price.

  24. If you want to know capacity of solar system you need is just by seeing average of monthly electric bill ,this is best way your frd from india

  25. I get a bill forom the elec comp. tells me how much elec, I used last mth and for an year I can use that to see how much me and family used per day?

  26. What I’m looking for is a simple dependable solar panel. To run a simple shortwave radio. check out the Califoria laser fires October 2017.

  27. Excellent! 100% straight up! I’ve been battling misconceptions about solarPV for 35 years. I’m a licensed building contractor (C10 Lic.#766331), and engineered/built 40+ off-grid homes. Listening to some peoples’ silliness makes me want to rip my face off. Yes, I met several people who think that they could "make" therir own solar panels with inexpensive PV chips, I’ve seen people try to light up a house with (1) 40 watt panel, I’ve seen people try to run swimming pool pumps and air conditioners with inadequate PV collection…you name it, I’ve seen it.

    One important thing to mention: Beware of cheap +12VDC inverters that claim >1800 watts. You know the ones…they claim 5,000 watts with +12Vdc input power, like this piece of junk
    Let’s calculate this quickly… 5,000 / 12 = 416 AMPS of current. Yeah. I’d LOVE to see it happen! I get queasy when a battery bank passes 200 amps. Kripes!

    I limit my input current to <200Amps. If I need more than 9KW power, I use segregated systems!

  28. Will you ever realise what a great video you made. Though you did not go into details two facts stand out. One is about the power demands of modern homes and the second is about the quality of cheap equipment. We should first be ready to step down from our fancy coolers and heaters. For eg, use a refrigerator which consumes not more than 250 kw per year. Thanks.

  29. One more mistaken newbies make. No basic electrical theory knowledge like V = IR, P = IV, Kwh, Ah, connecting in series or parallel, etc…

  30. I need 2,000 watts solar generation. I need 48 kwh’s per day, I am hoping that I can set something like this up without it costing a fortune. I have a lot of research to do still, hopefully this is something I can accomplish.

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