Tesla Rolls Out Initial Model 3 Electrical Automobiles For $35,000 | Right now

Tesla Rolls Out Very first Model three Electric Cars For $35,000 | These days

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk rolled out the initial thirty of the company’s electrical cars with a a lot more cost-effective price tag: $35,000. NBC enterprise correspondent Jo Ling Kent reports for Nowadays that Musk ideas to produce 500,000 much more automobiles following year.
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Tesla Rolls Out Initial Model 3 Electrical Vehicles For $35,000 | These days

50 thoughts on “Tesla Rolls Out Initial Model 3 Electrical Automobiles For $35,000 | Right now

  1. The electrical grid can’t support all of these electric cars. Not sure my mechanic can even work on this car.

  2. 34k is affordable? That’s 3 or more years of payments. Your mean affordable is 20k. People’s average car budget is 35k give it take for a car or truck. But some people buy the newest and greatest and that’s how we get the good deals afterwards.

  3. I make an average salary 55,000 per year. No way I can afford a 35,000 car, 15K is max so maybe if I could buy this used I could afford it

  4. Lots of you are complaining about the car while other models can go easily 100k. It’s a lot more affordable and why would you guys care? Cant afford it

  5. I like the direction the auto industry is going, regarding the source of energy that powers a car. What I do not like is the replacing of analog with digital.

  6. Wouldn’t survive Canada’s cold. Its just a waste of money something goes wrong chance it will cost more to repair it.

  7. All of you who can’t afford a Tesla take comfort in the fact that your tax dollars will be subsidizing the purchases for those who can afford them. Thanks peasants!

  8. I want this car to never be made because of Truman. i want his hopes and dreams to be bashed, and for him to ride his bike forever. Because he Believes! In Elon. loser kid.

  9. Wow I never thought this day would come. Not that it matters because I would have to move to a city where I can charge it.

  10. Don’t be fooled. The 35k car is very basic. 210 mile range, no autonomous driving. If you want a nice model 3 would be 35k plus 9k for the extended range + 5k for premium package. So the "affordable" car ends up with a 50k dollar price tag. In my opinion, you can get a way better car for 50k, look at any of the competitors and you’ll most likely get a better car. Don’t believe the hype, lots of people have actually ask for a refund on their deposit, which Tesla is not returning within the time frame they have set. If you want to know the truth just look at the fall of the stock price when this car was revealed.

  11. What’s with the ignorant TV host at the end, the girl said 500,000 people pre-ordered the car already about 30sec before she is saying "next year?", .. doe’s she seriously think a company can just make half a million vehicles in a month or two. Dumb as a door knob.

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