BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car Review – Is It As Good As the Honda Civic?

BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car Review - Is It As Good As the Honda Civic? Reviews

BMW i8 Hybrid Sports Car Review – Is It As Good As the Honda Civic?

The BMW i8 Hybrid sports car isn’t the most expensive car to own on the road today, but it is one of the most technologically advanced. The new BMW i8 Hybrid sports car combines a lightweight carbon fiber passenger cell with aluminum chassis construction and a gasoline-powered hybrid system which include an electric motor in the front and a turbocharged, 3-cylinder twin-motor engine in the rear.

The battery pack is located under the hood, where it can be accessed easily and replaced at will without disturbing the rest of the engine. The battery pack also has its own charging system which ensures proper charging for all BMW vehicles. The battery pack is cooled by air ducts so as to provide optimum performance and power for the motor unit.

With this hybrid sports car, BMW has really upped the ante on the performance front. In addition to the lightweight material used for the body, the entire car has been outfitted with sporty airbags, stiffer suspension, carbon-ceramic brake pads and a sportier steering system. The engine is still a two-banger, but has been upgraded from the standard four-valve-per-cylinder engines. BMW claims that this new four-valve BMW engine produces more horsepower and torque than the three-banger.

The car’s hybrid drive system uses the electric motor as well as the combustion engine to power the rear wheels, using the same three-speed dual-clutch transmission system. BMW claims that this new system is easier to drive than the conventional five-speed automatic transmission, since the clutch can be used more efficiently.

The BMW i8 Hybrid sports car has also incorporated other technology that is part of the company’s efforts to improve the comfort and safety of its cars. It is now quieter, more aerodynamic and safer because it incorporates new and improved braking and airbag systems.

One of these new system is the Adaptive Braking System, which is designed to help the driver to determine whether he should apply pressure on the brake or release the foot during a sudden stop. This new system has also been made possible by the introduction of the BMW Assist button, which is integrated into the car’s navigation system.

Bmw i8 hybrid sports car Reviews

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Another new system called Drive-Ease assists in maintaining a relaxed driving position when the driver begins to shift gears and then relaxes the hands while shifting. The system uses an advanced tire pressure monitoring system and has an electronic control that tells the driver how to achieve maximum efficiency in all road conditions. It has also been introduced to make parking more comfortable and to minimize the risk of rolling over or injuring yourself in a vehicle. The BMW Drive-Ease Control is incorporating into the car’s Navigation System, making it possible to find your way around town.

The new BMW i8 Hybrid sports car also incorporates the latest in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies like the Efficient City Suspension. The suspension system helps reduce unsprung weight so as to increase the gas mileage by minimizing resistance to the effects of road noise, air drag and vibrations.

The exterior design of the BMW i8 Hybrid sports car has also been redesigned, and this time, it has a more aerodynamic body structure, especially for the front end. A new front bumper is a significant part of the car’s wind tunnel testing, and it has been designed to maximize airflow and to further reduce turbulence, thus maximizing fuel economy.

BMW has also developed a brand new BMW i8 Hybrid sports car battery, which is now thirty percent more energy-efficient than the one of the previous model. The improved energy-efficiency of the car’s lithium-ion battery is due to its unique electrochemical technology, and it also offers twenty-five percent better cycle life and better reliability.

BMW’s engineering team has put much effort into making the BMW i8 Hybrid sports car’s interior even quieter. They have improved the sound deadening of the vehicle’s seats by installing specially treated cloth and padding, along with additional sound insulation.

The car’s interior also comes standard with leather seats, rather than vinyl, and it has a sporty dash, featuring a large central “cockpit” and a high-definition display system that are mounted over the center console. There are also a high-performance multimedia center console and a USB audio interface installed for connecting the car’s DVD player. All these innovations have been made possible by the new high-performance sound system called the BMW Sound Package.

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